Affordable Homes for sale in Costa Rica

Buy affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica as an investment property, a second home, or the perfect ex-pat luxury residence.

Finish Touch Enterprises is a company dedicated to building affordable Costa Rica homes for sale, fully adjusted and customized to the needs, but most importantly, to the WANTS of each one of our clients.

Costa Rica Construction Company: Why Us?

When it comes to investing in offshore real estate, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

And by working with us, we can guarantee you the best value for the best price.

We can guarantee more comfortable prices because we count on our own Costa Rica construction crew and equipment.

Plus we also do the direct imports for any required materials.

This means that we are removing any third parties; allowing you to get an outstanding final price for your dream home in paradise.

Our Offices

Most Americans choose the Central Southern Pacific and the Guanacaste areas to buy Costa Rica investment property.

What’s great is that we at Finish Touch Enterprises count on offices at both of these amazing locations.

Our original office is located in Jaco, Puntarenas.

This is one of the best coastal towns in the full Central American regions, and it’s an area that’s in constant growth and expansion.

Our second office is located in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste.

And, needless to say, we have chosen this place to add a new office because of how popular this region has always been with Americans looking to move into the country, many of them ex-pats.

Affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica: frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most important questions related to buying affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica:

Can a US citizen buy Costa Rica real estate?

Let’s start with the big, big question, and the answer is YES.

As an American citizen, you can easily own Costa Rica houses.

And the great news is that you just need your passport and tourist visa to get local real estate under your name.

Now, when it comes to putting a property under your name, we recommend you to use a corporation.

This is simply because you will have a lot more real estate tools at hand.

And it’s also important to mention that when you’re buying Costa Rica land for sale located directly on the coast, you’re getting a concession.

This means that the real owner of the property is the Costa Rica government. 

And you’re getting the land under a concession deal that can be renovated every 5 years (you can also get concessions for up to 20 years).

With that said, no Americans have ever had a problem with the beautiful, stunning beachfront properties.

And, when it comes to re-selling, doing it it’s just as easy as selling a regular Costa Rica real estate property.

Is now a good time to invest in Costa Rica real estate?

The answer is YES!

Costa Rica is the perfect option when you’re looking to invest in offshore real estate.

And, right now the North American real estate market is booming.

This means that you can easily sell high back at home, and then contact us here at Finish Touch Enterprises so that we can help you buy affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica.

We can help you build a beautiful property either to become part of the family’s legacy or to resell purposes.

Is it cheap to live in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is definitely more affordable than living in the United States.

In fact, you can have a great lifestyle in this country with $2,000 per month. And this includes your mortgage payments.

In other words, Costa Rica is the perfect place to live comfortably, without breaking the bank.

Is Costa Rica still a good place to retire?

Costa Rica remains the best place in the globe for American citizens to retire to.

First because as an ex-pat you will enjoy a lot of tax privileges.

And also because the country offers more political stability than most countries in Latin America.

What is required to move to Costa Rica?

If you want to move to Costa Rica to start a new life as a local ex-pat, there are a great couple of options:

  • Rentista Program: To apply for this program you must report a monthly income superior to $2,500 for two years. With that said, if you deposit $60,000 into a local bank, you can save yourself the waiting period.
  • Pensionado Program: This program is easier as you just need to report income superior to $1,000 coming from a pension source.

What is Traspaso or Escritura?

When you’re looking for affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica, you will see or hear the words “Traspaso” or “Escritura”

And these are just the Spanish words referring to the title change of property.

So, this is basically the document that states that you own Costa Rica houses for sale.

How is the title transferred?

In order to transfer a property in Costa Rica to your name, or to put it under the name of a corporation (recommended), you will require the help of a public notary.

Here at Finish Touch Enterprises, we’ll be more than pleased to help you will all the legal details so that we can get the new property under your name.

With that said, you can also choose your own local lawyer. And we will happy to make your lawyer part of the team that will get you the home of your dreams in Costa Rica.

Once the document has been drafted by the public notary, it’s time to take it to the Public Registro or Registro Public.

This is the place that stores all recorded data related to property movements.

If everything looks good with the new Traspaso or Escritura, then the property will be properly registered, and you or your corporation will become the new owners.

Affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica: property types

Now, when it comes to homes for sale in Costa Rica, these are the type of properties we have available for you:

Costa Rica real estate: Second-home away from home

Winters can be rough nowadays. And that has pushed a lot of Americans to look overseas for the perfect second home away from home.

This way they can avoid the winters at home while getting warm baths of sun next to their new pool in Costa Rica…

And, a lot of people believe this is an option that’s available only for affluent individuals.

But this can’t be farther away from the truth.

And that’s because there are companies like Finish Touch Enterprises that are able to offer the best possible price for beautiful, custom-designed homes for sale in Costa Rica.

As mentioned above, we have our own crew and equipment; and we do our own imports of raw construction materials.

And for that reason, we can offer you affordable, high-quality residential properties that will be the perfect oasis for you, your family, and your friends.

Ex-pat Affordable Homes for sale in Costa Rica

For more than 4 decades now, a lot of Americans have also decided to sell their properties back home and come and start a brand new life in Costa Rica by joining the local ex-pat community.

With time, we have managed to create the perfect home design for a new life as an ex-pat in Costa Rica.

When you’re building a home in Costa Rica with our company, we’ll sit down with you and present you with our different models.

Once you’ve found your favorite one, we will start working on adding the custom details that will really make this new home YOURS.

What’s great about this is that our team also includes our very own in-house interior designer.

So, we can basically adjust the interior of your brand new ex-pat home so that you can find comfort and satisfaction in every single corner of every single room.

Costa Rica investment property

Now, apart from buying affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica, you can also buy Costa Rica investment property.

This means that you can acquire Costa Rica homes for sale with the purpose of reselling, or as part of a new vacation rental business.

Here at Finish Touch Enterprises, we have amazing custom models that are perfect for either of those two options.

We will take our original home design, and will apply all the custom details to make sure you will end up with a property that will go beyond your expectations.

Thank you for your interest in Finish Touch Enterprises and our beautiful, affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica!

Home Building Articles

Build a home in Costa Rica

Build a home in Costa Rica as a way to start creating a more prosperous future, with the help of the best home builders.

Buying Costa Rica investment property means that you’re getting assets that will continue to appreciate even during recession times.


It’s simple: This is a beautiful, peaceful country, with no army, and with the most political stability in the region.

And foreign investment is more than welcome.

In fact, the government knows foreigners are a source of wealth for the local economy in all senses.

And for that reason, they definitely want more ex-pats to start calling this amazing country their new home.

Work with a reliable Costa Rica construction company

If you want to build a home in Costa Rica and get the best value without overspending, work with a reliable Costa Rica construction company such as Finish Touch Enterprises.

We have been creating the most amazing homes in the best spots all around the Central Southern Pacific and Guanacaste regions for decades.

And as we know foreign buyers well, we’re always working on improving our current set of 30+ home designs.

All with the goal of offering a custom result that will satisfy not just the needs, but most importantly, the WANTS from each one of our clients.

What’s great about our company is that we count on our own Costa Rica construction crew and equipment.

And this means that we know how to think and work as a solid unit. Delivering residential projects in a fast and efficient way.

Plus, we are direct importers of materials. So this means a lot of savings for those working with a set budget.

Build a home in Costa Rica as an investment property

Costa Rica offers you the perfect scenario so that you can become a successful owner of investment property Costa Rica.

This is because all you need to own Costa Rica real estate is your tourist visa. That’s it.

And the return on investment it’s outstanding for these kinds of custom-designed properties that Americans love.

The great thing is that when you build a home in Costa Rica with Finish Touch Enterprises, we can design it with your particular selling intentions in mind.

For example, let’s say that you’re looking for Costa Rica real estate for ex-pats for your growing portfolio holding…

Then we can work on the perfect residential project for those looking for Costa Rica retirement homes for sale.

Or, maybe you want to build Costa Rica new homes for those searching for the perfect oasis away from the cold winters at home?

Maybe you want to create your own Costa Rica Airbnb empire by building one or more Costa Rica houses?

And indeed, our custom builders company can definitely help you get the exact result you’re currently envisioning.

Costa Rica homes for sale: The perfect ex-pat custom residence

Let’s also discuss the possibility of you owning your own ex-pat exclusive residence in Costa Rica.

Here at Finish Touch Enterprises, we have worked with an extensive list of ex-pats who have chosen this wonderful country to start a new, re-envigorating life in paradise.

We have a number of exclusive models that have been designed with ex-pats in mind.

This means that these wonderful homes really offer you a number of amenities that will allow you to have the best time, all the time.

Build a home in Costa Rica: Become an ex-pat

What’s great about owning residential property in Costa Rica is that you automatically apply to become a resident.

During the waiting time for you to become a permanent resident of the country, all you need to do is to step out of the border for 72 hours every 3 months, and then you can return for another 3 months with your tourist visa.

All in all, the American and Costa Rica governments are very friendly towards the other.

And that means that as an American that’s registering Costa Rica investment property to move into the country, you will really be perceived as an ex-pat by everybody.

And you will really find this is a country that you will definitely enjoy living in.

Not just because of all the natural beauty. But also because this is a very American-like country, particularly in the coastal areas where our company operates.

Right at the coast in the Central Souther Pacific and Guanacaste, you will find yourself in your own stunningly beautiful isolated oasis; yet, you will be just minutes away from amazing restaurants; a lot of them run by successful ex-pats like yourself.

So, living in Costa Rica, and particularly in these amazing areas, means that you will feel in a new incredible environment, surrounded by nature you will feel thrilled to explore.

And you will also feel close to the people and the culture from back home because of this phenomenal, growing ex-pat community in the country.

Homes for sale in Costa Rica: Your second home away from home

If you don’t want to move to the country permanently, yet you still want to own Costa Rica real estate, then we can help you build a home in Costa Rica so that you can escape the long winters in the warmer, friendlier regions.

And now everybody is working away from the office.

So you can come and work from your new home in Costa Rica. Trusting that this is a country that counts with the best technical infrastructure for any professional to deliver work remotely fast and efficiently.

Build a home in Costa Rica: Contact Us

Do you really wish to have a great future as a successful real estate investor?

Start by contacting CEO Michael Pechbrenner so that we can offer you a FREE CONSULTATION on how our company can help you turn your residential project plans into a reality.

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