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About us

Michael Pechbrenner

Michael is a Builder and General Contractor with over 38 years of professional experience originally from Canada, who later relocated to the U.S. and worked as a licensed GC in Florida before moving to Costa Rica.  Michael’s family owned and operated a large-scale concrete construction company in Canada and he completed his academic education in engineering, architecture, and project management.  He has hands-on practical experience in all aspects of the construction process for both commercial and residential projects including electrical, plumbing (including swimming pools), mechanical/HVAC, carpentry (doors, cabinets, moldings), heavy equipment, stone surface fabrication (countertops), and all aspects of masonry, precision slab fabrication, brick laying, stone veneer, and decorative concrete finishes.

Michael is here to help take the fear out of designing and building a home in Costa Rica.  He is currently working on projects in Dominical, Jaco, Carrara, Playa Tabor, Santa Teresa, Villareal, Playa Hermosa, and is available for projects throughout the country.

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL

Was founded by Michael Pechbrenner in 2012.  He has been credited with more than custom designs and builds.  The company continues to grow at expediential increase bringing dreams to reality for families like yours.

Through the years of designing and building homes, Michael has established manufacturing shops in areas of expertise.  This delivering to the client the advantages of customizing finishes of uniqueness and one of a kind.  Contracting with Finish Touch Enterprises SRL will give you the over all advantage than other builder cannot compete with for the following criteria.

  • Employed architecture available for designs, revisions, and site visits
  • Employed engineer for footings, walls, roof, and pool engineering
  • Permanent employed construction crews
  • Employed interior decorator, graduated from University of New York
  • Own heavy equipment for lot preparation, grading, pool excavation, lot access, road building
  • Own delivery trucks. No waiting, no extra delivery fees.
  • Beautiful Spanish style home designs with North American engineering and structure
  • Beautiful beach style glass home designs with design concepts to keep the house cool
  • Full service wood shop creating custom kitchen cabinets, custom interior doors, custom entrance way doors, custom home furniture, unique teak patio and pool furniture.
  • Full stone profiling and polishing of granites, sculpting stone sinks
  • Window distribution license direct from manufacture, no middle man
  • Pool equipment distributor direct from Pentair manufacture, no middle man
  • Only contractor in Costa Rica to have a glass bead pool plaster finish.
  • Fully insured company
  • Licensed with the Colegio Federado De Arquitectos Y Ingenieros De Costa Rica CC-08073
  • Service the complete west coast of Costa Rica

Costa Rica as a developing third world country.  It has its challenges when it comes to designing and building a house.  There are many differences of opinions.  Many laws to be made aware of.  Many laws that don’t exist that should.

We at Finish Touch Enterprises SRL would like to be apart of your Costa Rica dream and make it an incredible experience of excitement and pleasure.  With more than 10 years experience we have developed and structured our company to deliver you the best designs and builds at wholesale prices.

With our professional staff, our personal equipment, our personal shops, and our delivery trucks.  We challenge that no one can compete with our prices, nor our quality.  With the list of attributes above we can deliver best quality for the best price compared by none.

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL was an exclusive builder for a Canadian developer for 8 years.  We have now separated from exclusivity and now offer our complete Architecture Firm and Building Company to the open public.  Only now can you take advantage to achieve your Costa Rica dream from a company compared to none other.

You can visit our Home Design page to view some of our unique designs.  We have many more designs in our inventory not posted should you not find something of your interest.  Our designs range in size from 1,200 sq/ft. to 6,000 sq/ft.  price range from $115/sq.ft to $150/sq. ft.  We are a custom home designer and therefore, all of our plans can be manipulated in size, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you don’t have a property yet.  Then you’re in luck.  We have many clients and developers that are eager to do business with you at direct discount prices.  No middle man.  Ocean view, beach front, mountain lot, agricultural, with our experience and longevity in the business, we have what you want.

We invite you to read through are articles of services and process techniques, you may study our testimonials to see what people are saying about us.  You can view some of our home designs to get an idea of the beauty we design.  We encourage you to contact us to schedule a visit.  We service the total west coast of Costa Rica and we are in your area to meet with you and consult on your lot for free.

It is the belief of all the staff at Finish Touch Enterprises SRL that home designs must be achieved by mutual thoughts for best results.  When you have a team of professionals from design, engineering, decorating, your results will exceed your expectations.  Construction crews equipped with modern tools of precision and heavy equipment provide you with outstanding results.

A unique attribute to your homes design is a custom unique pool design to complement the topography of your property.  Finish Touch Enterprises SRL has exclusivity in Costa Rica for a glass bead pool plaster that is offered to our customers.

Pools can entertain you even when not being used.  With colored lights variations, synchronized laminar jets, cascades, infinity edges, and so much more.  Let us demonstrate to you the exclusive advantage at the lowest prices.

contact me for a free consult and let me help you get your dream started.

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