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Casa Artista

This home can be positioned at angles or square to lot.  The roof design is intricate and follows complicated corners and angles.  Various sized windows and scattered stone facade.  These details create an artistic balance and harmony.  

Casa Pharaoh

Casa Pharaoh got its name from the design influence of Piπ (3.14) and PhiΦ  (1:618). This is why this design always receives a ‘wow’ response when first viewed.  We custom-designed the pool with similar elements from the house giving it cohesion to the home and expansion in size.

Casa Tamarindo

We have built this home twice.  The first was a 3 bedroom of 2,400 sq. ft. and the second was the 4th bedroom of 2,800 sq. ft.  Both homes validate strength with their stable construction and design.  Stone Wainscott gives the conception of growth from the ground. 

Casa Granada

Inspired by Colombia-style architecture, this home has many attributes from its heritage.  Features such as Juliet balconies, Window moldings, and much more.  This is put together strategically with modern amenities electrical and plumbing fixtures.  Stone facades, painted concrete tiles, corinthian cabinetry, and island.

Casa Mariposa

Designed with practicality in mind.  This home is self-sufficient and is designed to function with nature.  The ranch-style layout of the house produces a wide-angle of front landscaping with gardens and lot access.  Which creates depth and grandeur. 

Casa Divina

Distinguished curb appeal with angled walls, arched windows, raised octagon turret.  This home boast strength and stability.  The grandeur appearance from the front exterior resembles a structure that must be larger.

Dos Vistas

Modern and structurally strong house.  Very simple design without moldings, arches, or architectural elements decorative.  Yet this home is stunning with its natural garden on the roof

Casa Linda

Nautical elements emerge in this design strategically.  Including port windows, teak trim, nautical railings, and radius doors.  For those with a fondness for the water. This home is ideal for an ocean view lot or a beach lot

Casa Playa

Designed for the professional in mind.  The home boasts many attributes for executive lifestyle, elegance, with amenities.  The curb appeal of modern contemporary with class.

Casa Tranquility

This is a creative and functional design.  Strong structural elements, light in weight, ideal for mountain construction.  Low construction cost, and minimized labor cost.  You certainly receive the best bang for the buck