Buying A House In Costa Rica: Build Your Own Custom Home

Buying A House In Costa Rica: Build Your Own Custom Home

Instead of Buying A House In Costa Rica that was built for someone else, start your own residential project from scratch with the help of Finish Touch Enterprises, the top Costa Rica Home Builders.

We don’t work with intermediaries, and that makes our high-quality products totally affordable, giving you the best possible value for your cash.

Costa Rica Home Builders: Our Team

Experience all the benefits of working with Finish Touch Enterprises, the most experienced Costa Rica Home Builders.

If Buying A House In Costa Rica is your goal, we invite you to design and build your own dream home.

Unleash your creative potential, and bring your Costa Rica house plans to life with the help of a professional architectural firm.

We are not just in the business of meeting basic housing needs. Instead, we at Finish Touch want to satisfy all of your WANTS.

We work with high-quality materials and ALWAYS deliver every single residential project on time, with no exceptions.

By the time you get the door keys of your new residential property, we guarantee full satisfaction with the final results for you and the whole family.

Contact CEO Michael Pechbrenner

Take advantage of our expertise!

You are cordially invited to contact CEO Michael Pechbrenner for a FREE consultation!

With more than 40 years of real estate experience, our CEO can show you exactly how Buying a House in Costa Rica with Finish Touch is an easy process that will get you the exact custom features you WANT.

Buying a House in Costa Rica: Design & Construction

Unleash your hidden creative powers!

When working with Finish Touch Enterprises SRL, you can feel more in control by being part of the full design and building process.

Our team will make your design wishes come true without spending a fortune.

We offer you custom interiors and exteriors that will take your investment property to the next level.

At Finish Touch we rely on our very own in-house interior designer (US-College graduate). So, you can easily get the detailed results you want.

And, we balance a great interior with fantastic landscaping, giving your home the kind of curb appeal that will continue to increase its value with time.

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Costa Rica Construction Services

If you’re Buying a House in Costa Rica, you want just the very best, both in materials and in looks.

And the only way to really make sure you’re getting the best value for your cash is to work with Finish Touch Enterprises, the top Costa Rica Home Builders.

We’re a company that allows you to take full command of your Costa Rica Construction project.

And we count on our own equipment and on-call crew, allowing us to move a construction project fast and efficiently.

Now, let’s go over some key elements related to both design and Costa Rica Construction.

Buying a House in Costa Rica: House Orientation

When creating the Costa Rica house plans for your dream real estate project with our team, make sure to consider seasonal and environmental factors.

Costa Rica Construction Factors: Sunlight

This is because, living in a beautiful country such as Costa Rica it’s all about enjoying the outdoors, and when you can’t be outside, that means sunlight.

You want as much clarity as possible inside the house!

And, the trick to have those sun rays bathing you with their presence while you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the morning is to set your bedroom window to face the east.

Costa Rica Construction Factors: Wind

Let’s also consider the wind! If you love to save energy, then it’s important to consider AC’s and how much you want to keep them turned on.

If you wish to save on this factor, a great piece of advice is to tell our architects that you want some key windows to face the wind’s directions.

This way you get to keep the home fresh while saving energy; allowing you to enjoy a green life in one of the richest natural countries in the world.

Costa Rica Construction Factors: Neighbors

Doubtlessly, you’re interested in Buying a House in Costa Rica that offers you and your family as much privacy as possible.

So, when creating the design of your dream property, make sure to consider the current location of your neighbor’s windows.

This is because you want to avoid creating windows facing those of your neighbors directly.

By applying this simple Costa Rica Construction principle, you’re already adding a ton of value to your future home in CR.

Costa Rica Homes for Sale: Investment Property

When Buying a House in Costa Rica designed and built by Finish Touch Enterprises, you’re paying for quality. And you definitely get more for your money.

That means that building a home in Costa Rica as an investment property with Finish Touch gives you the edge you need to succeed in such a competitive real estate market.

Let’s check out some of the top reasons why you would like to venture into the Costa Rica Real Estate market:

  • Enjoy personal vacations with the family
  • Buying a House in Costa Rica for vacations, but also to rent it at Airbnb, VRBO, or while you’re not there
  • Move permanently to the country as an ex-pat
  • Maybe you just want a new real estate asset for your investment property portfolio
  • Or maybe it’s a great combination of any of the above factors

Here is the great news: If you already had invested in real estate in the United States, then everything is very similar when it comes to Buying a House in Costa Rica.

Buying a House in Costa Rica: Personal Home or Vacation Rental

Imagine Buying a House in Costa Rica according to what you really WANT…

Once we know the exact reasons why you’re interested in Homes for Sale in Costa Rica, we’ll be able to find you just the exact model that fits all of your requirements.

This will allow you to take from there, and add your special elements so that the final results are exactly what everybody was envisioning.

Indeed, we at Finish Touch ALWAYS go beyond offering Costa Rica Homes for Sale that satisfies just the basic needs of the family.

Instead, we want to offer you and your loved ones the opportunity to bring a personalized touch to each room of the house.

Let’s touch over some key questions you may want to consider:

  • What is the price range you have in mind?
  • How many family members?
  • What is the number of total rooms you’ll need, or more importantly, WANT?
  • How will you be using that extra room (s)?
  • How important is it for you to count on your own full dining room?
  • Are there any key features you really need to count on at home?
  • What are the features you believe you can do without?
  • What is it that you like best and worst about the current place where you live?
  • When are you planning to move?

Once you’ve taken the time to consider the following questions, you’ll have a better understanding of what you really WANT.

And that will allow you to be extra specific with our team of Costa Rica Home Builders, allowing them to deliver the exact property you have in mind.

Airbnb Costa Rica: Vacation Rentals

Owning a home in Costa Rica can also mean just a great chance to possess great offshore investment property!

Yes, Costa Rica is one of the current best places for people to come, relax, and forget about the rest of the world for a few days.

And you, as a smart investor, should consider the possibility of buying Costa Rica Houses for Sale with the purpose of creating your own vacation rental empire.

What’s great about working with Finish Touch is that we give you the chance to add all the key elements that will help you turn your investment property into the top vacation rental in your area.

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