Casa Mariposa

Energy Efficient Home
3,000 sq.ft.
3 Bedroom
3 Bath

Casita – one bedroom
Full bath

House Design

Designed with practicality in mind.  This home is self-sufficient and is designed to function with nature.  This includes; water collection systems.  With the inverted roof to funnel rainwater to a central location.  Which can then replenish cisterns for landscape irrigation or pool evaporation.  Water is a valuable resource in some locations in Costa Rica and water collection systems are practical.

Costa Rica is 10 degrees from the equator.  To maximize the collection of photovoltaic rays to solar panels.  We want to aim the panels as accurately as possible in this direction.  This roof is designed specifically for that.  Then requiring fewer panels, which directly results in less cost, and less maintenance.

 House Features

The attached casita is a private and unique place for guests, teenagers, or used for an inlaw suite.  With its own private entry, it also serves well as an income rental unit.  The main house and casita are separated by the garage.  That minimizes acoustics for additional privacy.  The house white color reflex UV and does not absorb heat.  Which then lessens the need for air conditioning.  We purposely imposed high ceilings to evacuate heat.

The ranch-style layout of the house produces a wide-angle of front landscaping with gardens and lot access.  Which creates depth and grandeur.  The house facade is simple without moldings, arches, or other architectural elements.  However, the landscaping can make this house ‘pop’ with natural beauty.

Lot Requirements

This home design works well on a sloped lot where you prefer a horizontal design, rather than a verticle build.  Fewer earth movements again save building costs.  We try to direct the budget towards the actual house, rather than lot preparing or servicing.  This home is wide with little depth, thus not requiring a platform depth.  The width of the lot should not be less than 30 meters.