Costa Rica Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Costa Rica Construction Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know how do you turn a Costa Rica real estate purchase into a source of great profits, the answer is by working with Finish Touch Enterprises, the top Costa Rica construction company.

Remember that time when you got great news?

You’re shaking with excitement, your heart beating, you’re smiling, letting out a huge breath, displaying a deep, gratifying sigh…

Well, here at Finish Touch Enterprises, express a great interest in your happiness.

And for that reason, we want to lead you up the success path by buying a house in Costa Rica that’s a small investment that will repay itself many times over.

In fact, if you’re after the perfect Investment property Costa Rica project, we can help you create a budget-priced, luxury home that guarantees you a lifetime income stream.

Once we start with the Costa Rica construction project, we go full pedal to the metal with our complete package of services.

And lower prices than the competition are guaranteed as we’re direct importers.

Costa Rica Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know about Costa Rica Construction.

Can a US citizen buy a house in Costa Rica?

Yes! And get this…

Costa Rica offers a simplified approach to acquiring Costa Rica investment property. So, all you need is a tourist visa!

And the best just got better as you don’t have to be a resident to own Costa Rica houses.

Is it cheap to live in Costa Rica?

Yes, compared to the US, living in Costa Rica is easy on your budget, and offers great financial security.

You can live a deeply satisfying lifestyle with $2,000, including a mortgage.

And, if you can pay in full, less than $2,000.

Is real estate expensive in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, you get more for your dollar as prices are more affordable than in Hawaii, for example.

You can build wealth the easy way and double your investment by building a home in Costa Rica and reselling it.

What is the average cost of a home in Costa Rica?

We offer homes for sale in Costa Rica for all wants and needs:

Your new luxury ex-pat home in Costa Rica:

Do you have a deep desire for more natural living combined with unrestrained luxury?

Imagine a day in your new VIP ex-pat home in Costa Rica like this…

You wake up feeling excited and optimistic, radiant, thankful, with a mug of your favorite tea or coffee…

Stretching out your legs, feeling a sense of calm and peace, at ease with the world.

You leave your home for a walk, humming and whistling, ignoring all distractions, supremely confident. You’re lying on the sand, soaking up the sun, living in the moment… then take a dive in the ocean, and return home…

And, after a joyful day, you look forward to a well-earned rest in your carefully designed master bedroom…

You can experience this for yourself. We offer you everything you could wish for and beyond…

Second-home away from home:

Do you feel a desire to buy a coastal property where you can be with loved ones or friends?

You’re laying out by the pool with the kids, leaning back in your chair, your muscles are relaxed, feeling fulfilled, satisfied with the world at large…

Right there you know you made the right investment, a lasting one that will be the source of many fond memories.

Costa Rica investment property:

By working with Finish Touch Enterprises the best Costa Rica construction company, you have the upper hand.

We want your guests to feel an emotional connection with your new property, to experience a sense of well-being while there. Because that will turn them into returning visitors.

Your Costa Rica Airbnb property will steal the show. It’s a real money-making opportunity.

Should I invest in Costa Rica real estate?

Yes, in Costa Rica you get more for your money, and you can always multiply your investment by working with a top Costa Rica construction company such as Finish Touch Enterprises.

This is also a remarkably beautiful country, rich in nature, and with the peaceful vibes, you certainly are looking for as an ex-pat.

Plus, let’s also mention the property appreciation factor.

When you put your money here, you’re getting bargain-priced real estate property that’s also the best return on your investment.

Is now a good time to buy in Costa Rica?

Yes! If you ever dreamed of making money in the market, now is the time to sell high in the US, invest in Costa Rica homes for sale, and re-sell for great profit.

You simply can’t lose… It’s time to make your choice. It’s time for action!

Where do most American ex-pats live in Costa Rica?

Most ex-pats moving to Costa Rica buy Costa Rica land for sale in the Central Pacific and Southern Pacific and Guanacaste areas.

And then seek the help of experienced Costa Rica custom builders such as Finish Touch Enterprises to help them build their dream home.

Do ex-pats pay taxes in Costa Rica?

Yes, just as locals do. The amount to be paid is directly linked to your earned income in Costa Rica. And, as a foreign citizen, you don’t pay taxes for a business that’s generating you profits outside the country.

What is required to move to Costa Rica?

If you wish to become a permanent resident of this beautiful country, you have two friendly options:

  • Rentista Program: Report a total of $2,500+ monthly income for a period of two years. Or you can deposit $60,000 into a local bank and save yourself the waiting period.
  • Pensionado Program: Report $1,000 income coming from a pension source.

What is the Traspaso or Escritura?

This is the title change of property. It’s simply the document that states that you own real estate property in Costa Rica.

How is the title transferred?

In this case, you need to find the help of a public notary.

The good news is that all lawyers in Costa Rica are also public notaries, so finding the right help won’t be difficult.

Plus, here at Finish Touch Enterprises, we also count on our in-house lawyer. And he’ll be happy to be your right hand with these legal matters.

Once the public notary drafts the document, you need to take it to the Public Registry or Registro Public to be properly registered and stamped.

How can a foreign citizen make sure he has a clear title of the property?

In this case, it’s the Registro Publico or Public Registry, that has all the records for the property, including:

  • Current title holder’s name
  • Mortgages
  • Recorded easements
  • Boundary lines
  • Tax appraisal
  • Liens
  • Other recorded annotations


You’ve waited long enough! Get to experience that feeling of connection to life, an intimate, deep renovated affection for this beautiful place we call mother earth by securing yourself an oasis in paradise.

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