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Costa Rica Construction: Build Wealth Fast with Investment Property

Costa Rica Construction: Build Wealth Fast with Investment Property

With a dramatic, vibrant coastline that mutates from desolate, wonderful shorelines, to superb rocky cliffs to dense, thrilling jungles, yet close to modern commercial zones, it’s no wonder why you want to start a Costa Rica Construction project as part of your investment property portfolio holding!

If you build a home in Costa Rica with Finish Touch Enterprises, we offer you a complete, convenient turnkey package of authentic services at a bargain price.

This is the ultimate deal for a great real estate asset that can be personal or investment property, or both.

The reason we can offer our Costa Rica Construction solutions at a fraction of the cost is simple:

We get everything from the source, obtaining attractive prices, earning you substantial savings, and allowing you to get superior quality. It’s really an awesome deal because it’s a true win-win.

But before we jump into the details of homes for sale in Costa Rica, we’d like to explore with you crucial tips on how to enhance your chances of buying the most fabulous piece of land for sale in Costa Rica, which is getting scarce!

Costa Rica Land for Sale Tips

  • Look for land with natural amenities both inside and surrounding the property. This includes scenic views and is less than 500 meters from the ocean
  • You want to be a short drive to town. No more than 15 minutes away from a supermarket or places where to have a bite
  • It’s important to have a lawyer take an in-depth look at the details related to the deal
  • Do a title search: You must examine all local public records related to the investment property. You want to confirm that no other parties have valid claims against the land for sale in Costa Rica you’re acquiring
  • Make sure you’re told exactly what kind of ownership you’re being granted (is it Fee Simple?)
  • If you just want to see your name where it says owner, and you wish to avoid all the hassle related to adding your name to that document, consider using an escrow company to manage everything for you

Costa Rica Construction: Building A Custom Home

Sure, you can buy any second-hand property. But creating the perfect custom home with special curb appeal and custom landscape work is magical.

If you want to build a home in Costa Rica, you’re entitled to buy an investment property that will enjoy natural growth.

Why spend top dollar buying a second-hand home in Costa Rica when you can build your own beautiful custom house at a bargain price while magnetizing your potential to earn with the best Costa Rica Construction crew!

Free Consultation With Our CEO

Get the best results for your Costa Rica real estate project by working with Finish Touch Enterprises, the best custom home builders. Speak to Michael Pechbrenner, an expert with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry.

Let’s get things rolling today by exploring the benefits of working with us. Schedule Your Free Consultation now:

Our Costa Rica Home Builders Team

Protect your family’s legacy and their financial future by relying on an experienced team of Costa Rica Construction Home Builders.

Our services are available for everybody interested in residential real estate.
From upscale investors to standard developers, to retirees, to the younger end-users who are building a house in Costa Rica.

Our previous projects include:

  • Private residential properties
  • Private, gated communities
  • Mixed-use commercial and condo projects

Our Costa Rica Construction Services

As a professional architectural firm that’s also a Costa Rica Construction company, we’ll design and build a personal or income property from zero to hero, following the standard practices of the trade, and with a no-nonsense attitude for delivering fast results.

This includes:

  • Plan view
  • Assessment of full Costa Rica Construction specs (including a complete analysis of methods and materials to be used, and an estimate of total costs)
  • Technical architectural drawing
  • Assistance with building permits
  • Assistance with final home inspection

When the project is nearing completion and occupancy, we’ll proceed with the final trim tasks, which are the final tasks we perform as Costa Rica custom builders for everything involved in the project, including:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Electrical
  • Moldings around openings (door trim, window trim)
  • Moldings at the ceiling and floor of rooms (cornice, baseboard, and others)
  • Masonry: concrete, stone, brick
  • Woodwork: Ornamental design with a premium finish for interiors and exteriors

Common area features available include:

  • Custom swimming pools
  • BBQ area
  • Playground
  • Tennis / Basketball courts
  • Other recreational amenities

Costa Rica Residential Property Types

Either for personal use or as an investment property to be added to your growing portfolio holding, we can help you build a house with a distinguished style that takes personalization to the next level, elevating market value for the long run.

Building a House in Costa Rica: Personal Home

Think Superior Living, Think Finish Touch Enterprises…

Buy your own piece of untouched land for sale, build a home with our Costa Rica Construction team, and live life at your own pace, close to the untamed sea, surrounded by unparalleled views, savoring an uplifting, delicious cup of coffee or tea every morning…

The US real estate market is hot. So a smart choice is to sell high and buy a house in Costa Rica for a fraction of the price.

This way you can enjoy a fresh start in one of the countries with the highest economical growth and stability in Latin America.

If you’re a new buyer, you’re also making a wealthy decision by acquiring your first valuable real estate asset here.

Live your dream of moving overseas and be the envy of friends and family!

Buying Investment Property in Costa Rica

Shape your tomorrow with a smart property investment today! This is a powerful way to create wealth in today’s peer-to-peer growing modern economy.

Reap the remarkable benefits and rewards of owning Costa Rica real estate by building a home with the help of Finish Touch Enterprises.

Let our Costa Rica Construction team help you create a successful, profitable vacation rental business destined to prosper long term by becoming the dominant, elite property of its kind in the area.

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to build a lifetime income source, and get the best value for your dollar at the same time.

House Plans Costa Rica: Design

Realize your dream of building a home in Costa Rica. Our Costa Rica house plans offer added value and are a cut above.

Choose your absolute favorite from our different adjustable Costa Rica Construction designs.

Unleash your creativity! It’s your canvas, your masterpiece…

Let’s build your own upgraded choice of our wide variety of home models!

Costa Rica Houses for Sale: Vacation Rental Designs

Remember: Having the wisdom of investing in gorgeous Costa Rica homes for sale can earn you a phenomenal yearly ROI through online rentals.

But to accomplish this, you must count on a vacation rental investment property with the allure to attract new guests that can give you the competitive edge you need.

Like these two great models:

Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Hermosa
Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Hermosa

Homes for Sale in Costa Rica: Casa Hermosa

  • Property Description: Casa Hermosa features 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. Each bedroom comes with a private jacuzzi tub; and each room leads to the social area in the back, where the swimming pool is located.
  • Starting Price Only $400,000
Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Mariko
Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Mariko

Homes for Sale in Costa Rica: Casa Mariko

  • Property Description: Casa Mariko features 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. All rooms are masters, including their own bi-fold glass doors that lead you directly to the back terrace, where the social area and the swimming pool are located.
  • Starting Price Only $400,000

Don’t delay your opportunity to take this important first step!

Learn more about our Costa Rica house plans, and request your FREE analysis and quote today!

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Thank you for your sharp, savvy decision of checking out the outstanding benefits of our Costa Rica Construction services, contact us now!

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