Costa Rica Investment Property: How To Build Money Maker Rental Home

Costa Rica Investment Property: How To Build Money Maker Rental Home

Costa Rica offers the perfect combination of isolated lifestyle and future investment property appreciation.

The country is a top international tourism destination and is regarded as a safe and popular market for smart investors.

And CR, with a democratic government, great tax laws, a more than fair legal structure, and equal rights for foreigners concerning property ownership has turned the country into a true example for the rest of Latin America.

According to recent studies, more than 80% of coastal developed real estate is foreign-owned.

Historically, the country has attracted U.S. and Canadian retirees, but younger buyers are also acquiring a lot of investment property in the country, particularly in these coastal areas.

Costa Rica Houses for Sale: Building a Home with Finish Touch

Costa Rica Houses for Sale: Building a Home with Finish Touch

Finish Touch Enterprises, a fully insured Costa Rica Custom Builders company, can help you build custom Homes for Sale in Costa Rica from A to Z. These are our services:

  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • Interior Decoration
  • Landscaping
  • Excavations and everything related to Costa Rica Construction
  • Full-service woodshop for custom interiors and exteriors
  • Polishing of granites
  • Sculpting stone sinks
  • Direct distributors of Pentair, Jandy, and Hayward pool equipment
  • Only Costa Rica Home Builders with a glass bead pool plaster finish

Homes for End-Users and Investment Property

As top Costa Rica Real Estate Construction specialists, Finish Touch Enterprises can serve all kinds of home buyers.

From the young and adventurous, to the family member, to retirees, to developers seeking to invest in larger properties such as villas and condos.

This indeed is a country that offers the best for everybody, and that’s why it continues to be a favorite destination for those looking for a new home, or a home away from home.


If you want to build a home in Costa Rica for yourself and your family, our house models fit all wants and needs; including those of retirees who want peace and seclusion, and those of a younger age group, who enjoy staying active by hiking or surfing.

Enjoy time around the pool, grill something delicious, and just enjoy the outdoors in your exclusive private backyard.

If you’re retiring in Costa Rica, a beachfront property away from the crowds probably sounds like a piece of heaven.

With that said, the good thing about CR is that even though you feel right in the jungle, everything modern life has to offer is right around the corner, too.

Now, here are some interesting questions to brainstorm related to buying a house in Costa Rica:

  • Do you have a set budget? Can you be flexible?
  • How many family members?
  • What is the number of rooms you’re comfortable with?
  • How will you be using the extra room (s)?
  • How important is it for you to count on a fully enclosed dining room?
  • The home features you can’t live without?
  • What home features you can actually live without?
  • What is it that you really love, and kind of hate from the place you currently live at?
  • Do you have a set date to move?

Investment Property

Costa Rica’s coastal line is the ultimate investment property paradise. You can buy a beachfront lot and build the home of your dreams right next to the ocean…

Just picture yourself in your brand new five-bedroom beach house, with stunning waves crashing right out in front, and snorkeling and other great activities available just around the corner…

Or you can get yourself Costa Rica land for sale in the mountain and get the services of Finish Touch Enterprises to help you build the perfect home or villa with stunning coastal views and still a short drive to the sand.

Big-time investors have been spending millions of dollars in investment property here for years.

And we’ve developed built housing projects for many of them, including:

  • Private residential properties
  • Private, gated communities
  • Mixed-use commercial and condo projects

Buying Investment Property in Costa Rica: Advantages

When it comes to building a home in Costa Rica, these are the top advantages:

  • Outstanding ROI for vacation rental properties
  • More privacy than in the US
  • You get more for your dollar than back home, especially when you build a house with professional Costa Rica Home Builders
  • You get to pick your favorite location
  • Start with a blank slate, design the home of your dreams

Get Costa Rica Land for Sale

Everybody looks for the wow factor. And here, the wow factor is definitely the natural beauty of the land for sale in Costa Rica.

Before start Building a Home in Costa Rica with Finish Touch, you need to find the perfect lot.

If you’re looking for Costa Rica Land for Sale to build a vacation rental, we definitely recommend you to find a lot as close to the beach as you can because those are the ones with the most appeal to the biggest rental pool possible.

Huge parcels of undeveloped Land for Sale in Costa Rica, covered with lush rainforest situated along beautiful vacant beaches are magnets for those seeking to build a house in this country.

And, if this is your current situation, we can help you get access to exclusive properties right out of our portfolio of friendly associates.

Finding the Right Piece of Land for Sale in Costa Rica:

When it comes to finding the right lot where to build your dream home with the help of Finish Touch, there are some questions you might want to brainstorm about related to the proper area:

  • Are you going to need access to private hospitals or private schools,
  • Do you want total seclusion or do you want to live nearby a popular beach town, closer to an ex-pat community?
  • Do you want to be close to a beach that allows you to hit the waves every morning?

Finish Touch Enterprises: Jaco and Playas del Coco Offices

As top Costa Rica Home Builders, we count with offices at the trendiest coastal areas, including Jaco, to serve the southern pacific, and Playas del Coco, to serve the entire Guanacaste region.

Costa Rica Investment Property: Guanacaste
Costa Rica Investment Property: Guanacaste


A fisherman comes to Costa Rica looking for the Pacific sea’s fighting billfish, a surfer seeks secluded waves, and second-home buyers are searching for a cozy spot away from the chaotic routine back at home.

Guanacaste, located in the northwest of the country, remains hot during the full year for second-home buyers.

This area is known for its captivating shoreline and a number of fun and extreme activities such as world-class surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and bird watching.

The region is highly developed in terms of investment properties, including vacation rentals, and high-end private homes.

And, what’s great about Guanacaste is that you can still find the laid-back beach getaway vibe.

Daniel Oduber International Airport

The key to Guanacaste is Daniel Oduber International Airport, located near Liberia.

Ask any second-home investor: the potential for Costa Rica Houses to be sold or rented is elevated when such investment property is located close to an airport.

Daniel Oduber features nonstop direct flights from top many U.S. cities.

Before 2002, when the Airport was built, travelers were forced to fly into San Jose’s Juan Santamaria airport and then take a short flight or drive for a few hours via the PanAmerican Highway.

The Nosara factor

Nosara, part of the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste, is the oldest Costa Rica ex-pat community (founded in 1968).

It’s a family-friendly remote area with a community vibe, highlighted by great restaurants and fantastic boutique hotels, all nestled in a valley located nearby the mouth of the Nosara River.

“Proyecto Americano” or “American Project”

What is now a fabulous eco-community, with residents living in harmony within their jungle surroundings, was first planned as a golf course country club.

The “Proyecto Americano” or “American Project” includes more than 2 miles of protected beaches, and approximately 3,000 acres (850 acres as protected green zones).

Costa Rica Investment Property: Central Souther Pacific
Costa Rica Investment Property: Central Southern Pacific

Central-Southern Pacific

Located 75 miles west of San Jose, the capital city, Puntarenas offers a slow-paced lifestyle.

This province encompasses the full Central-Southern coastline, stretching along 2-thirds of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.

It goes from the southern Nicoya Peninsula and around the Gulf de Nicoya, extending to the country’s southern Panamanian border.

Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Playa Jaco, where one of our two offices is located, is probably Costa Rica’s most popular beach town, both among foreigners and locals.

Real estate is in huge demand in this area. And often you’ll find many coastal lots hidden by patches of forestland which are a paradise for those who want some peace and quiet.

Indeed, perfect for your Costa Rica Homes for Sale project.

Costa Rica Southern Zone

The Southern Zone, which stretches from Jaco to the Panama border, is definitely one of the best areas for those looking for the perfect oceanfront property.

From desolate shorelines to rocky cliffs, to dense jungles, this area features a coastline that changes dramatically.

With these natural lures that also include fantastic National Parks such as Marino Ballena and Corcovado, this is doubtlessly one of the best potential investment areas in Costa Rica.

In fact, when you hire professional Costa Rica Home Builders such as Finish Touch Enterprises to take over your construction project here, it’s likely that you’ll see yearly appreciation rates of 20% to 35%, and sometimes higher.

Although the area is no longer a secret, it remains undeveloped, with untapped, unlimited opportunities.

Many come and are immediately impressed by the great investment property available. And then are inclined to purchase a lot for themselves right away, or on their next visit.

Contact our CEO, Michael Pechbrenner

Finish Touch is a top local development team, and our CEO Michael Pechbrenner is a specialist at helping non-nationals to build beautiful homes in Costa Rica.

Send us your info, and Michael will be reaching out at the most convenient time for you:

Buying Costa Rica Homes for Sale: What You Need to Know

In a foreign country like Costa Rica, the purchasing process includes a few factors, such as language barriers and not being familiar with local laws and procedures.

With that said, a foreign citizen can successfully purchase property in Costa Rica including houses, condos, beachfront property, and finished lots.

By working closely with Finish Touch Enterprises, you can get access to the best property investment package, which includes incorporating, buying property, and obtaining residency.

If this is your first time acquiring real estate, Buying a home in Costa Rica, just like anywhere in the world, can be intimidating when it comes to the paperwork involved.

On the other hand, if you’re Building a House in Costa Rica as a second home, or as one more asset for your properties portfolio, then it’s great for you to know that the process is very similar to that in the US or Canada.

When you work with Finish Touch Enterprises, we can save you a lot of money and effort basically by helping you run all the details for you.

Costa Rica Investment Property Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Costa Rica’s General Residency Rules?

Foreigners can become residents in different cases: From marrying a local, having Tico children, demonstrating that the applicant counts with resources to become established in the country, and creating a business.

There are 2 recommended categories:

  • Resident pensioner: Receive a permanent retirement income superior to $600 U.S. on a monthly basis.
  • Resident annuitant: Applicable to foreign nationals (age doesn’t matter), with a fixed income superior to $1,000 on a monthly basis.

Both are run by the Costa Rican Tourism Board or ICT.

How Can I Verify the Status of Costa Rica Land for Sale?

Before Buying Land for Sale in Costa Rica, make sure you know the current status of the property.

Perform a title search in Folio Real. This shows all data on the property, including area, location, ownership, mortgages, boundaries, and other liens.

When searching for the right Costa Rica Land for Sale, make sure you know beforehand what rights you’re being granted.

  • Ownership rights: This is the equivalent of owning land in the USA
  • Occupation rights: Not registered yet, long process to do so
  • Concession rights: For beach areas, just like a lease

Best Costa Rica Investment Property Purchasing Methods?

There are 2 basic ways to purchase an investment property in Costa Rica:

  • 1. Direct transfer: One or more individuals buy in their personal names
  • 2. Corporations: Buy through an existing corp that owns the property of interest or through a new one.

Incorporating in Costa Rica: When you buy real estate in Costa Rica, it’s better to do so in a corporation’s name. This way, the transfers are easier and the structure offers extra flexibility for different transactions.

What is Fee Simple in Real Estate?

This is the most common form of investment property ownership in Costa
Rica. Conditions are the same in Costa Rica as in the U.S.

This type of ownership gives you the absolute right to materially own real estate property.

You can use it, sell it, lease it, make improvements on it, etc, all subject to local laws only.

What are Maritime Zone Concessions?

Around 95% of beachfront property is concession property and is governed by the Maritime Zone Law and extra regulations by ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Board) and local municipalities.

These are the legal dispositions under which a foreign citizen and as well as a local can own concession property.

A concession in Costa Rica is the actual right to use and enjoy a property located in the maritime zone for a certain period of time.

The municipality is the government entity that grants this right.

The maritime zone’s boundary is defined by the first 200 meters measured in a horizontal way from the high-tide line.

This zone is divided into 2 areas:

Public Area:

First 50 horizontal meters from high-tide line. This particular zone is not available. This is also a public area, and so there are no real “private beaches” in the Maritime Zone.

Concession Area:

Next 150 meters, available to be granted under concessions, which is basically a lease, typically for 20 years.

Different from fee simple property, a foreign citizen can’t be the majority owner of a concession property.

Foreigners can, however, partner up with a Tico citizen, where the foreign citizen owns 49%, and 51% goes to the Costa Rican.

With that said, if you have resided in the country for 5 years or more, then yes, you can be the majority owner of a concession.

Note: As a foreigner, you must purchase All Maritime Zone property through concession. Same for locals.

Costa Rica Real Estate Basic Terminology

When it comes to real estate transactions in Costa Rica, it’s always a good idea to be familiarized with a common vocabulary.

  • Folio Real: The unique number of real estate properties.
  • Transfer or Conveyance Deed (traspaso): Stipulates the real estate transfer, and it includes basic data for the seller, buyer, and the investment property itself.
  • Public Notary: Necessary to purchase a property. This is an attorney that has a license to perform legal acts.
  • Power of Attorney (Poder): Document authorizing someone to act on behalf of someone else to purchase an investment property.
  • Survey Plan (Cadastral Department): To acquire an investment property in Costa Rica, a survey must be recorded at the Public Registry.
  • Asset: The investment property you’re getting is your new asset. In sum, an asset is anything that belongs to you that can generate income for you.
  • Debt or Leverage: This is the amount you have taken to invest in Costa Rica Homes for Sale. It’s an instrument you can use to buy real estate assets.
  • Equity: If you have 100% equity, it means you have 100% of the cash you need to buy a real estate asset. If you have 20% equity, then that means that you need to look for debt, also known as leverage, for the other 80%.

Investment Property: Build Your Own Vacation Rental / Airbnb

Excellent potential to keep the home rented year-round

When you Build a House in Costa Rica with Finish Touch, an investment property can pay for itself within the first year with vacation rental income alone. And by the second year, you’ll be making money!

The great thing is that you can get about 99% of your renters from the Internet.

Don’t be surprised if you actually end up turning away people regularly because the property has become quite popular due to its great curb appeal.

Airbnb Costa Rica: Build a Vacation Rental Home

Build a home in Costa Rica that’s perfect to run a vacation rental.

When you design your investment property with Finish Touch Enterprises, we are specialists in creating the perfect home that will help you obtain great earnings.

In fact, we already count on different home models that are designed to run successful Costa Rica Airbnb properties.

Costa Rica Homes for Sale: Casa Hermosa

Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Hermosa
Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Hermosa

One of these Costa Rica Homes for Sale designs is Casa Hermosa. This is a 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom, and each counts with its own separate entrance, and its own jacuzzi tub.

These beautiful houses for Sale in Costa Rica come with AC, a custom pool, custom pool deck, air conditioning, custom landscape, and interior design work, and more.

Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Mariko
Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Mariko

Houses for Sale in Costa Rica: Casa Mariko

Another great option, featuring 4 beds and 6 baths is Casa Mariko.

What’s great about this investment property, and what makes it perfect to serve as a vacation rental in Costa Rica, is that it counts with 4 master bedrooms; all with their own separate bi-fold glass doors leading to the back terrace, where spacious social areas and a refreshing pool awaits for new visitors.

What Are Your Airbnb Costa Rica Vacation Rental Goals?

The main goal is clear: you want to make a profit by finding as many new visitors on a regular basis to stay at your Airbnb Costa Rica.

Next, define your financial goals:

  • Are you looking to offset a portion of your costs?
  • Do you hope the profits from your Costa Rica Airbnb investment property will pay for the full expenses related to your new house?
  • Do you just want to make a great profit?!

Airbnb Costa Rica / Investment Property Marketing

Once you’re clear about the info above, it’s time to figure out how much you really want to be involved.

This means to be clear about how much time you’re really willing to dedicate to manage, promote, and maintain your Airbnb Costa Rica Property.

If you want to run things on your own, these are the tasks that you’ll likely be performing:

  • Advertising the investment property online at Airbnb,, VRBO, and others
  • To respond to prospective client inquiries really fast
  • Manage everything related to reservations and payments
  • Take care of complaints
  • Hire responsible scheduled housekeeping personnel
  • Other misc tasks

If you choose not to get too involved, you can always hire the services of a property management company. They will basically take care of everything for you for a monthly fee.

Contact Us

Take the first step and contact us for more information on how we can help you get the kind of investment property that will continue to appreciate in value for decades to come.

But first, we invite you to check all of our different Costa Rica home designs, so that you can let us know which model you’re interested in.

Send us your info:

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