Costa Rica Real Estate FAQ's | Costa Rica Homes for Sale

Costa Rica Real Estate FAQ’s | Costa Rica Homes for Sale

You are interested in excelling at Costa Rica real estate investing, aren’t you?

Then, what could be more important than learning how to increase your profits with an investment property?

Let us share with you how our Costa Rica Construction services can help you take another leap forward and build a house in Costa Rica with an excellent ROI.

Here’s an introduction to Costa Rica houses for sale. A definitive yet simple guide with all the facts you should know if you want to learn how to identify the perfect investment opportunity Costa Rica.

Costa Rica homes for sale frequently asked questions

Can a US citizen buy a house in Costa Rica?

Yes! Americans can easily buy or build a home in Costa Rica with the same ownership rights that locals enjoy. All you require is your tourist visa. And you definitely don’t have to be a resident to buy real estate.

What is the average cost of a home in Costa Rica?

A benefit of working with Finish Touch Enterprises is that we offer Costa Rica homes for sale at different price ranges. We have the perfect low-priced starter home.

And we also offer luxury residence home designs for a stunning, fully customized ex-pat oasis.

And how about investment property?

We also offer you the perfect home model to turn it into the most profitable Costa Rica vacation rental in the area.

Is it cheap to live in Costa Rica?

You’ll be alleviated to know that you can live like a king in Costa Rica for a bargain price.

In fact, expenses won’t run you for more than $2,000. And that is including mortgage cash.

If you acquire homes for sale in Costa Rica with Finish Touch Enterprises and pay in full, then your monthly expenses will be even less.

Is real estate expensive in Costa Rica?

Not at all! When compared to the USA, Costa Rica is a country that offers the best prices when it comes to investment property.

And, when you work with an experienced team of Costa Rica custom builders such as Finish Touch Enterprises, you are sure to receive the best ROI or return on investment.

Should I invest in Costa Rica real estate?

If you believe investing in Costa Rica real estate is a good idea, that’s absolutely true. We couldn’t agree more.

Taxes are quite reasonable in the country, and all you need is your tourist visa to become a new owner of houses for sale in Costa Rica.

Is now a good time to buy in Costa Rica?

Yes! And if you’re planning to buy a house in Costa Rica, you’re obviously a person of great intelligence, and we think you’re awesome!

Sell high now in the United States, and take a portion of your profits and investment in fabulous Costa Rica houses. Trust us, the ROI will be stunning.

Do ex-pats pay taxes in Costa Rica?

Yes, just like locals, foreign citizens pay taxes based on the income they report as earned within Costa Rican borders. With that said, you don’t have to pay taxes from income obtained from offshore sources.

Is Costa Rica still a good place to retire?

Doubtlessly, Costa Rica is one of the top countries to retire in the world, and it has been for the past 40 years for many Americans looking to own their own piece of paradise.

The country’s natural beauty can’t be rivaled. And this is also a country that doesn’t have an army; which means a lot of political stability.

What is required to move to Costa Rica?

If you wish to buy a home to move to Costa Rica, you have two options:

  • Rentista Program: To apply for this program, you must report a monthly income of $2,500 for a period of 2 years. Or you can save yourself this waiting period by making a $60,000 deposit into a local bank
  • Pensionado Program: To apply for this program you must report $1,000 monthly income from a pension source

Where do most American ex-pats live in Costa Rica?

The most popular areas American ex-pats call home are the Central Pacific coast, the Southern Pacific coast, and Guanacaste. And Finish Touch Enterprises have offices in both of these wonderful coastal areas.

What is the Traspaso or Escritura?

The Traspaso, also known as Escritura, is simply the title change of property. And this is the document that states that you own Costa Rica real estate.

How is the title transferred?

In order to move forward with the title change of property or Escritura, you need to work directly with a public notary.

The good news is that all lawyers in Costa Rica can also work as public notaries, so finding the right person to help you with this won’t be difficult.

Once the lawyer drafts the document, you need to take the Traspaso to the Public Registry in order to properly register it and stamp it.

How can a foreign citizen make sure he has a clear title of the property?

While you’re at the Public Registry you can also check out all the information related to the current status of the property you’re interested in. This includes:

  • Current title holder’s name
  • Tax appraisal
  • Liens
  • Boundary lines
  • Mortgages
  • Recorded easements
  • Other recorded annotations that affect the title of the property

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