Costa Rica Real Estate Homes for Sale | Build a Home in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate Homes for Sale | Build a Home in Costa Rica

Looking for Costa Rica Real Estate Homes for sale? Finish Touch Enterprises offers a huge variety of buying options.

Welcome to Costa Rica… a nation full of natural diversity; a peaceful country with one of the oldest running democracies in Latin America

Build a home in Costa Rica, and experience the best of what life has to offer!

Our Costa Rica Construction Team

Finish Touch Enterprises counts with Costa Rica real estate offices in Jaco, Puntarenas, covering the Central Pacific.

And further north into Guanacaste in Playas del Coco, covering the popular beach towns of Tamarindo beach, Flamingo beach, Playa Potrero, Playa Grande, Playa Hermosa, Papagayo gulf, and Ocotal…

We are a dedicated Costa Rica construction team whose main goal is to deliver outstanding results for those looking to invest and purchase real estate in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Homes for Sale

Build your Costa Rica dream home today. It’s closer than you think with Finish Touch Enterprises.

Premier luxury real estate Costa Rica homes for sale. Costa Rica Luxury Real States, Mountain Homes.

Experience tropical Costa Rica with the Luxury features you deserve!

  • Custom pool
  • Spacious comfort
  • Stunning views

Costa Rica House Plans

We are a proven resource for Costa Rica Real Estate. Our Costa Rica house plans include an excellent variety of options ideal for retiring or investing in Costa Rica.

Our Costa Rica real estate home designs include luxury estates, beach and ocean view properties, residential Costa Rica homes for sale, condos, Costa Rica investment property, vacation rentals, mountain properties, and others.

Costa Rica Real Estate Assistance

We are aware of the fact that relocating and transitioning into an investment property in Costa Rica can be challenging. For that reason, we provide you with excellent Costa Rica real estate assistance so that every step of this process goes as smoothly as possible.

Indeed, our main goal is to help you to a successful Costa Rica real estate transaction. We are here to be your right hand in attaining that dream investment property Costa Rica.

The team at Finish Touch Enterprises will put forth every effort to deliver the best service possible.

Our expertise will serve as an insightful guide when faced with a number of issues related to your Costa Rica real estate purchase.

We will listen with full attention not just to your needs, but most importantly, your WANTS.

And we will work hard to make sure you achieve your Costa Rica real estate goals.

  • Credibility, leadership, and experience.
  • Delivery of quality service.
  • 40 years of expertise.

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Costa Rica Pacific Coastline Specialists

We’ve been building beach homes for sale in Costa Rica on the Pacific coastline of the country for decades.

Our Costa Rica houses include some of the finest luxury homes you will ever encounter.

The ever-popular Pacific coastline offers outstanding Costa Rica land for sale options.

Once you find the right land for sale in Costa Rica and get it registered, Finish Touch Enterprises can help you build a luxury home suited for your enjoyment, allowing you to enjoy everything nature has to offer, including the most stunning secluded beaches.

The landscape of the Jaco and Guanacaste areas, where mountains meet the ocean, offers unbeatable ocean views.

This makes these areas the perfect place to build your own private mountain retreat or a unique waterfront beach Costa Rica real estate property.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is known around the globe as an amazing destination for property investment, retirement, and taking a relaxing vacation. And we can help you build a home in Costa Rica to serve any of these purposes or a combination of them.

The beauty of the country includes stunning beaches, picturesque mountains, and pleasant weather year-round…

Plus, Ticos, as Costa Ricans are known, are worldwide recognized for being truly helpful and friendly people.

And let’s also not forget about the positive Costa Rican peaceful history!

When you mix these elements into an equation, an outstanding result is expected:

Costa Rica is one of the most sought-after destinations in the Americas for those looking for investment property or Costa Rica retirement homes for sale… Therefore, the time to invest is now!


Whether you are looking to build a home in Costa Rica and relocate, or you are looking for a high yield property investment, Finish Touch Enterprises is the secure gateway to Costa Rica Real Estate.

Finish Touch Enterprises was founded by Michael Pechbrenner, a passionate and visionary Real Estate professional.

And, since the beginning, Michael’s main concern has been to manage the company under high ethical standards and transparency at every single organizational level. Needless to say…

Finish Touch Enterprises truly cares about the relationship we develop with our clients.

And, doubtlessly, we know this is the reason for our continued leadership and success in the Costa Rica real estate market.

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