If you’re searching for affordable Costa Rica Real Estate Homes for Sale, you can design and build your own dream property with Finish Touch Enterprises.

Finish Touch is a Costa Rica Real Estate build and design company dedicated to delivering high standards to homeowners at warehouse prices.

We can design, build, and furnish your dream house in Costa Rica!

Your choice of:

  • Spanish-style home designs with US structure and engineering
  • Beautiful beach-style glass home designs
  • Your own dreamed combination!

In the case you don’t own a property in Costa Rica, we can present you with some of our own exclusive offers.

Some of these properties may be current clients with an extra lot or another great Costa Rica land for sale opportunity.

Building A Home in Costa Rica Benefits

  • Obtain permanent Costa Rica residency while keeping your current citizenship
  • When choosing Costa Rica retirement, you can enjoy a great standard of living for a very low cost compared to the US or Europe
  • Outstanding property investment (excellent annual ROI)
  • Extra out-buildings on your Costa Rica Real Estate property for extra income as vacation rentals, Costa Rica Airbnb, etc
  • Fabulous home care services that include first-class assisted living
  • A stable government for decades: There not a Costa Rica army. Instead, education levels are high, and both socialized medicine and banking are available.

As a full architectural firm, we’ll take your project from a carefully crafted design to the first cook-out in your new home.

Costa Rica Real Estate Build and Design Professional Staff

Here at Finish Touch we don’t outsource or subcontract.

We count on our own in-house team for all of your needs, including licensed architects, and electrical and structural engineers.

Our core values include:

  • Dedication and integrity – Crews working past “business hours” to finish a given task is not the exception, but the rule.
  • Unity – When we work, we work together, when we celebrate a business goal, we also celebrate together.

Costa Rica Real Estate Design and Build Services by Finish Touch

  • Colegio Federado De Arquitectos e Ingenieros De Costa Rica Full License CC-08073
  • Architect (home design, regular revisions, and programmed site visits)
  • Engineer (walls, footings, roof, and pool engineering)
  • In-house interior decorator
  • Excavation equipment for Costa Rica Homes for Sale services that include: Foundation excavation, Backfilling, Building platforms, Pool excavation, Lot access, Road improvement, Final grading.
  • We employ permanent construction workers, resulting in fast installations with high-quality results.
  • In-house delivery trucks
  • Full-service woodshop to create custom interior doors, kitchen cabinets, home furniture, entranceway doors, pool furniture, and a unique teak patio.
  • Polishing of granites, sculpting stone sinks
  • Unique (direct from the manufacture, no middle man) window distribution license
  • Piscinas Tropicales – We can design a pool to fit Costa Rica Homes for Sale and their landscape. Piscinas Tropicales (Tropical Pools), part of the Finish Touch family, is a direct distributor of Pentair, Jandy, and Hayward pool equipment.
  • Also, we’re the only contractor in Costa Rica with a glass bead pool plaster finish.

If you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, this is definitely the place to be

Costa Rica Real Estate Homes for Sale Building Process

Remember that this is your own masterpiece you’re building, and so rushing the design process is the least you want to do.

Here at Finish Touch, we work closely with our clients to reduce any possible stress by organizing accurate design plans and permits.

And, remember that you can be as involved as you want to in the design process.

You can ask all the questions you want.

And you can follow the development of your new Costa Rica Real Estate property as close as possible.

Costa Rica Real Estate Homes for Sale Building Elements

If you have your eyes set on Homes for Sale in Costa Rica, but you want to design and build your own real estate property, these are some of the most important elements to consider:

  • Topographical benefits and limitations
  • Homes for Sale in Costa Rica offer all sorts of natural design focal points. So, you need to decide what vista you want with your first cup of freshly brewed local gourmet coffee.
  • Areas of the Costa Rica Real Estate property that will get direct sunlight or more shade
  • Most favorable location for terraces and windows
  • Electrical switches and outlets vs furniture placement
  • The best location for home entertainment centers
  • Wall features
  • Storage
  • Privacy considerations: You need to consider neighbors’ property elevation and also their chosen focal points.
  • Are you also interested in a study or a home library? Our team can also make that happen.

Create a Digital Binder

When working with Finish Touch, we encourage you to create your own home design “digital binder”.

This binder, which is basically a folder on your computer, will include all the relevant notes related to your Costa Rica Real Estate property.

As you work with our team, you can start including your own notes about specific design fixes, changes, or additions.

When you’re on the go, you can use a tool such as evernote to add all the last-minute info.

Then, when you get home, you can easily add that info to a notepad or word doc inside your digital binder or home design folder.

And we encourage you to actually have a folder because that way you can store images, and have notepads or word docs for different stuff such as:

  • Designs
  • Permits
  • Soil Studies
  • Expenses
  • Electrical Fixtures
  • Plumbing
  • Schedules

Costa Rica Real Estate Homes for Sale Purpose

It’s time to figure out the purpose of your Costa Rica Real Estate asset.

Is this part of your Costa Rica retirement plan?

Or this is an investment property, to offer it as a top vacation rental at Airbnb Costa Rica?

Maybe you want to rent it on a monthly basis?

Or just keep it as your vacation home?

Maybe it’s a great combination of all of the above?

All of these considerations are important when crafting the design of your Costa Rica Real Estate property.

For example, if this is going to be a Costa Rica Airbnb, chances are that you want to build two master bedrooms and two guest rooms.

And the reason for this is that it’s often the case that two families will be traveling together.

So, this particular design seems ideal to always accommodate everybody comfortably; allowing you to get the best possible online reviews for your vacation rental.

In the case you’re looking for Costa Rica homes for sale for retirement purposes, chances are that you’ll like to adjust the design of your home according to your particular lifestyle needs.

Apart from this, you also want to quantify the personality factor. In other words, you want to give your new home a spirit of its own.

For example, are you interested in the Mediterranean or Columbian architecture, or maybe a more traditional finish with great curb appeal?

Homes for Sale Budget

Let’s also not forget about budget, which is probably the most critical aspect of designing a house.

We’re sure you don’t want to break the bank building your paradise home.

And the great news is that Costa Rica is a very affordable country, and you can definitely get a lot more done for your money here than in the US or in Europe.

Once you’re ready to contact Finish Touch for an evaluation, make sure to have an idea of what your budget is.

That way we can present you with the best possible benefits for your new Costa Rica Real Estate property.

Costa Rica Real Estate Homes for Sale Designs

Now that you’re clear about everything that must be done, including being clear about your budget, the next step should be to check out the perfect Costa Rica homes for sale design.

Here at Finish Touch, we count on more than 30 different houses for sale in Costa Rica models. Just visit our home designs page for more info.


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