Costa Rica Real Estate Investing

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing can really change your life for the better.

But, instead of buying Costa Rica homes for sale that have been in the market for a while, a better alternative is to partner up with a Costa Rica construction company and build a home in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Construction Company: Finish Touch Enterprises

Finish Touch Enterprises is just the right choice when it comes to building Costa Rica houses.

This is a company led by Michael Pechbrenner, an industry professional with over 40 years of experience, including vast experience in the US and Canadian real estate markets.

Michael has been involved in a number of Costa Rica investment property projects for a long while.

And that gives him the expertise required to accomplish exactly what each one of his clients is looking for.

And, what’s great about Finish Touch Enterprises is that it offers everything an investor requires.

This is because Michael’s company is not limited to Costa Rica construction.

Instead, Finish Touch Enterprises is also a full architectural firm, and it counts with its own in-house interior designer and landscape artist.

What this means is that once you hire Finish Touch Enterprises for your Costa Rica Real Estate Investing project, their pro team will first help you choose the right home design, to then start working on creating a true gem of a property.

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing: Outstanding Savings

Now, although there are a ton of contractors out there, you really want to work hand in hand with a team of professionals that knows exactly how to get you the final product you want, for an affordable final price.

And Finish Touch Enterprises are experts at always getting a price that’s lower than the competition, for a final product that’s higher in quality than what our competitors can offer.

The reason for this is that we are direct importers of materials, and by cutting the middlemen, we are able to get you to warehouse prices for first-hand materials.

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing: Your Favorite Residential Project

Once you’ve found the best piece of Costa Rica land for sale, you can start thinking about the future home that will be built there.

And, there are a variety of Costa Rica Real Estate Investing residential projects you can aim at. Here are the main ones:

Costa Rica Investment Property

Costa Rica is the perfect place in the world right now to invest in real estate. And this is particularly true with residential projects.

The reason is that a lot of people are looking to move into this wonderful country, for a variety of reasons.

And that gives you the opportunity of buying land for sale in Costa Rica and build a beautiful, custom home that will sell fast, and for a great price that includes a juicy profit.

Here at Finish Touch Enterprises we count on a great variety of models that are specially designed for the American audience.

This means that each one of our homes for sale in Costa Rica comes with the perfect design that will get you a lot of interested real estate buyers from the United States.

So, building a home in Costa Rica with our company means that you will be able to sell the property as fast as it’s built.

Needless to say, this is a real opportunity to get a great return on your investment.

And we’re sure that once you give us a try, chances are that we will continue to do business together for a long time.

The Perfect Costa Rica Ex-Pat Home

Here at Finish Touch Enterprises, we’ve been helping ex-pats to build the perfect home to have a great time in one of the most beautiful and safest countries in the globe.

The Costa Rica ex-pat community has been growing steadily for the past 40 years. Everything started with adventurous Americans searching for a new place close to the waves that they can call home.

And, as some of those Americans returned home from time to time, the amazing stories they told other United States citizens served as the perfect hook to get a general interest in this small, but nature-rich country.

Now, we know exactly what ex-pats are looking for, and since we’ve been building homes for sale in Costa Rica for a long time, we can deliver a custom product that’s nothing like what’s out there.

This includes custom spacious, comfortable interiors, and the perfect entertainment area, with a custom pool at the center of it all.

Profitable Vacation Rental Property

With Covid-19 staying for good, there is a current explosion of Costa Rica Airbnb properties.

This is because a lot of American and European citizens are choosing a private home for their vacation in Costa Rica instead of opting for a 4 or 5-star hotel.

And this really gives those interested in Costa Rica Real Estate Investing the perfect opportunity to obtain a great return on their investment.

Here at Finish Touch Enterprises, we count on a variety of outstanding residential properties that have been specially designed for a constant flow of visitors.

And we offer models that are designed to accommodate a single-family, and more custom models featuring private entrances to all rooms; making these properties perfect for Airbnb Costa Rica independent visitors.

With that said, we can always give our custom models a special workaround to fit your particular needs as an investor.

And, we can even build a home in Costa Rica that allows you to live on-site while renting either the full home or a portion of it to foreign visitors.

Your Beautiful Vacation Home

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing it’s also about creating family value, a legacy for your loved ones.

And this means that we can build a beautiful residential property for you to visit with your family and friends from time to time.

Needless to say, your kids will be very thankful to count on an exclusive property overseas that they can rely on as part of their future wealth.

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing: Can a US Citizen buy a house in Costa Rica?

Yes! And, if you have acquired real estate properties in the United States, the process to own real estate property in Costa Rica is really not much different.

What’s great about Costa Rica Real Estate Investing is that you just need your passport and your tourist visa as legal documents!

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing: Using A Corporation

Now, when it comes to buying Costa Rica properties, we at Finish Touch Enterprises will always recommend you to use a corporation instead of purchasing Costa Rica houses under your own name.

The reason for this is because by working with a corporation, you are really getting access to a series of legal tools that wouldn’t be available to your otherwise.

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing: Concession Property

It’s also key to mention that when you acquire Costa Rica land for sale that’s located at the coast, if the property is located within the first 200 meters measured horizontally from the high tide line, then you will need to get such property under a concession.

This is basically a lease from the Costa Rica government, which can be renewed every 5 to 20 years.

With that said, every single American that has acquired concession property has never experienced any legal ownership problems.

And that’s because the government actually wants foreigners to invest in the country, but at the same time, they also want to protect the right of locals to enjoy their own beaches.

All in all, when you acquire concession property, you won’t have any problems when selling it!

As you can see, to start a residential project in this wonderful country is a great idea and one that can be very profitable. We invite you to read more about what Finish Touch Enterprises can offer you, and we thank you beforehand for trusting us with your Costa Rica Real Estate Investing project!

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