Costa Rica Retirement Homes for Sale | Build a Home in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Retirement Homes for Sale | Build a Home in Costa Rica

Get access to the best Costa Rica retirement homes for sale by working with Finish Touch Enterprises, the top Costa Rica construction company.

We’ve been helping American ex-pats to create the home of their dreams for decades, and now we’re ready to help you build your own coastal oasis in paradise.

Costa Rica retirement homes for sale: Frequently asked questions

Before we go into the actual models we have to offers you, let’s go ahead and answer a few questions you might have about acquiring Costa Rica real estate and moving into the country.

Can a US citizen buy Costa Rica real estate?

Yes, as an American citizen you definitely have the right to acquire Costa Rica homes for sale.
And, what’s great about this is that you just need your tourist visa and your passport.

Now, when it comes to actually put any piece of local property under your name, we actually recommend you to use a corporation, where you can act as president.

The reason for this is that buying Costa Rica retirement homes for sale under a corporation simply gives you access to a number of tools that wouldn’t be available to you otherwise.

Coastal Concession property

It’s also important to mention that when you acquire coastal land for sale in Costa Rica to build the ex-pat home of your dreams, you are acquiring such land under the concession figure.

This means that you are long-term leasing the land where you are building your property.

With that said, EVERY SINGLE EX-PAT that has acquired Costa Rica retirement homes for sale on the coast have done it this way for decades.

And all you really need to do at the end of the lease period, which can go from 5 to 20 years, is simply to renovate it.

And, when it comes to re-selling coastal property in Costa Rica, you won’t have any problems doing so at any time you want.

It’s basically YOUR property but granted under concession because it’s too close to the actual public access beaches.

Now, let’s make something clear: this is just for the first 200 meters measured horizontally from the high tide line.

Any coastal land for sale in Costa Rica that goes beyond that, you can actually own without the need of the maritime concession.

Should I invest in Costa Rica real estate?

Yes! there are a number of excellent reasons why you would like to give the local Costa Rica real estate market a try.

And, what’s great about investment in Costa Rica property is that this is a very straightforward process.

In fact, if you already have acquired real estate in the United States, then the process is very similar. So, everything will be very similar for you.

Is now a good time to invest in Costa Rica real estate?

Yes! This is the perfect moment so that you can buy Costa Rica retirement homes for sale.

And the reason is that the North American real estate market is currently with outstanding greenlighted figures.

So, it’s truly advisable to sell back home, and then take your earnings and invest a portion of your profits into building a home in Costa Rica, fully customized to your needs and WANTS.

This is of course with the help of Finish Touch Enterprises; the best Costa Rica construction professionals.

Is it cheap to live in Costa Rica?

When you compare living in the United States with the cost of living in Costa Rica, then yes.

Costa Rica is not just a beautiful country; but it’s also affordable enough so that you can experience a great lifestyle, filled with the stuff you love, for about $2,000 per month.

And this even includes any mortgage payments you need to make for your home.

Do ex-pats pay taxes in Costa Rica?

What’s important about this question is the fact that all American citizens, as taxpayers, get taxed on their global income.

With that said, you can acquire Costa Rica investment property while getting some outstanding tax deals at the same time.

And, as this is a country that enjoys a great deal of political stability, this makes investing in Costa Rica retirement homes for sale an even better idea.

With that said, if you want to buy Costa Rica new homes, it’s never a bad idea to know a little bit about United States tax laws vs Costa Rica tax laws.

Now, apart from any taxes, what can be said about the Costa Rica real estate market without a doubt is that it will always generate positive cash flow.

And, let’s also consider the fact that although investing in Costa Rica real estate is very similar to investing in United States real estate, there are a few things that you are not able to do with the offshore property.

Is Costa Rica still a good place to retire?

Yes indeed! In fact, Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world right now to move into.

First, because if you’re thinking about Costa Rica retirement homes for sale, you will enjoy a lot of tax privileges.

And second, and most importantly, because this is a very safe country that offers a great deal of political stability.

In fact, Costa Rica is one of the oldest democracies on the globe.

So, needless to say, peace is definitely a top feature when considering this country as a new place to call home.


Costa Rica is a tropical jewel, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

This is a country rich in natural diversity. You will soon find yourself surrounded by a large variety of beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers, plains, and volcanoes.

This, in a habitat that goes from tropical dry forest to lowland rainforest.

When in Rome…

Of course, if you really want to get the best out of your new experience as owner of Costa Rica retirement homes for sale, you should consider taking the time to learn the local customs, the culture, and the language.

It’s also important to understand a little bit about how the local economy works; so that you can take advantage of all available opportunities.

What is required to move to Costa Rica?

If you wish to move to Costa Rica, there are actually two excellent plans that you can have access to:

  • Rentista Program: To apply for this program, you must report a monthly income of $2,500 for a period that runs for 2 years. But, if you can make a deposit of $60,000 into a local bank account, then you can save yourself the waiting time.
  • Pensionado Program: This is the easiest of the two because all you need to report is a $1,000 monthly income coming from a pension source. That’s it!

What is the Traspaso or Escritura?

When you hear or see the terms “traspaso” or “escritura” this is simply referring to the title change of property.

So, this is basically the document that states that you own Costa Rica retirement homes for sale.

How is the property title transferred?

If you wish to buy land for sale in Costa Rica to then build Costa Rica retirement homes for sale, you will need the assistance of a public notary.

Luckily for you, all lawyers in Costa Rica are public notaries. So finding the right individual won’t be a problem.

Here at Finish Touch Enterprises, we count on our own legal department to help you with the legal aspects linked to owning Costa Rica homes for sale.

But of course, you’re always welcome to hire your own lawyers; and then we can all work together to get the property registered under your name trouble-free.

Now, here’s how the process goes:

First, the public notary will create the draft for the Escritura or title change of property.

Once all the parts are satisfied with the drafted document, the latter must be taken to the Public Registry or Registro Publico.

If you’re just in the process of acquiring Costa Rica land for sale, at the Public Registry you can also verify all records for the property itself.

When everything has been verified and cleared by the Public Registry, then you will become the new owner. Congratulations!

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