A typical North American method of building is with engineered systems. Elements that are fabricated off site and transported to be installed.  This would include fabrication of windows, stairs, cabinets, doors, trusses, railings, and more.  This has lowered North American building cost substantially.  Sophisticated equipment fabricates these items with computer-controlled CNC machines, with sophisticated programming, with assembly line manufacturing.  Basically, mass producing the same object by robots eliminating man hours of expenses.  However, this comes with a sacrifice of distinctiveness of individuality.

In Costa Rica many of these products are produced through artisan craftsmen ship of local shops.  Made by hand using tools without the aid of computers.  Finish Touch Enterprises SRL has employed artisans and have set up custom fabricating shops for windows, wrought iron, cabinetry, doors, furniture, granite and stone profiling/polishing, and most recently block plant for concrete block and paver stones.

We wish to bring back what our grandparents experienced when they built or bought a home.  We want to bring you a finished product that will last for generations and be respected and enjoyed by the whole family from present to future.  These artesian shops produce products by hand.  Using the basic tools and hand fitting every joint.  Hand selecting materials and bringing the customer a piece of furniture that was created by pride.

Our Wood Shop

Our wood shop produces products of solid wood.  We only work with quality material and will not lower our standards.  We do not use in any of our product MDF fabricated wood with resins or glue, No Melamine low quality veneered particle board which may contribute to allergies.  Our products are solid wood, with no resins, no glues, no staples.  Good old fashion craftmanship, that will last your home a lifetime.  Made from local woods of teak, cedar, and other woods with exotic grains.

This includes features such as:

    •  ♦ Custom door designs for your home is a great way to create first impressions when people come to visit.  Entrance doors, may be sophisticated, elegant, detailed, and provide a grandeur entrance.  When we talk of custom design, then your imagination is the limit.
    • ♦ Custom cabinets in layout and design will feature your home.  This will make you the envy of all your friends, family, and neighbors.  You only need to provide a photo or sketch and we will manufacture especially for you.
    • ♦ Custom cabinetry to fit precisely for your kitchen, bathroom, or closet.
    • ♦ Home furniture, pool and patio sets, live edge slab.  Furnishing your home with furniture to match your cabinetry and spirit of home will accessorize the beautification of the design.  As jewelry and makeup make a woman spectacular, this is your chance to enhance your homes designs with the finish touches.


When your wife looks spectacular in that yellow dress, or blue dress, then use those colors through your home and see her at her beauty in all times.

Our Granite and Stone profiling

This is a fine art that you may create innovative designs.  Forming granite slabs with curvatures, adding thickness, profiling unique edges and polishing to brilliant shine, or antique it to imitate a Tuscany spirit.  Designing coffee tables, end tables, night tables and even vanities with custom shapes and the granite tops to match.  Using the same granite from kitchen will carry architectural features throughout the home giving it a belonging as a unitary.

Walk the beach, let the family choose a perfect rock.  We will, cut, chisel, shape, form, grind, and polish into a perfect sink, or vessel, or shelf.  Turn it into a lamp.  So many original ideas for you to decorate your home with a builder that is equipped to work with you throughout the Costa Rica dream from conception to completion.

Block and Pavers

Our newest arrival to our company is the purchase of a block plant.  We will be producing several different styles of pavers with multiple colors for your hardscaping design.  Driveways, pool decks, Terrazas, curbing, and ornamental figurines.  These product choices will give your homes hardscapes pizazz.

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL builds all homes with solid block construction.  We do not use engineered wall systems as we have not been convinced of their superiority over cement.  Costa Rica building codes are for seismic (shear) activity.  And though I have witnessed quakes with the highest reaching 7.4 that I can boast none of our homes experienced so much as a hair line crack.  All engineers who have visited our sites have commented of the over engineered walls, footings, and tie beams with the amount of rebar we use, the thickness of rebar we use, the frequency of columns we incorporate.

Using solid filled 8" block with finish wall reaching 10" thick after scratch coats will not just provide the home with strength but also provides heat loss resistance (Insulation R-factor reaching 10).  Thus, lowering your electric bill by keeping your house cool in tropical climates.  Not requiring as much air conditioning once your home reaches the desired temperature.  Solid concrete block also muffles outside decibel noise that could interfere with sleeping,

Wrought Iron

Our shops may fabricate you wrought iron patio sets, swivel chairs, bars, stools, lamps, chandeliers, and whatever else you may wish to have.  You can choose from our catalogue or bring us a custom sketch.  Wrought Iron is a common material throughout the Latin Americas.  It may fit into any home décor.

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