HOA Responsibilities

HOA benefits are written to provide protection, security, aesthetics, and development management.  In addition, the Papagayo Golf & Country Club HOA Benefits also include

  • Discounts on Club House memberships.  Memberships entitle you to many additional benefits
  • Airport shuttle to and from your home to the airport. Can also be available for rides to Playa Del Coco, and Liberia.  With reservations
  • Development participation. The members vote on all project advancements and improvements and their full involvement is greatly appreciated.
  • New home design approvals to insure compliance to the development building standards
  • Home maintenance repair.  When you require a small repair like a plugged drain, delaminated tile, hanging a curtain rod, etc.  Our maintenance crew is available for your personal needs.
  • Landscape/pool maintenance – our golf course service of landscape maintenance is available to your property if you wish.
  • Security will receive and send any parcels on your behalf, should you want.
  • Garbage pickup on a daily basis except for Sundays.  Debris pickup weekly

The HOA will repair infrastructure issues from fatigued equipment and be responsible for all utility costs for streetlights and infrastructure delivery to your property.  Please note, that HOA is not responsible for infrastructure from your property to your home.

The HOA in partnership with the golf course proposes to install brick paver for roads and sidewalks, Name roads of palm tree species and plant that species on that particular road and green areas to be provided and manicured.  New entry gates are being designed and will be constructed.

It is our objective to develop an HOA to unite the community.  Creating a safe and secure community.  To maintain lush and beautiful aesthetical roads.  To provide you with a great life experience on a daily basis.