Finish Touch Enterprises SRL with a sole objective to deliver custom designed and professionally engineered pools. We offer pool finishes that are not available in Costa Rica. Using pebble beads of multiple colors to choose from, and glass beads with multiple colors to choose from.

We also offer a verity of stone veneers, and of course the traditional glass mosaic tiles. We do not offer plaster finishes as this a low quality finish with short life span.

Pools are much more than a hole in the ground. There is much thought that needs to be applied to the design to suite your specific needs and function. This article will touch on a few of these features which Piscinas Tropical SRL may include in your design.  By reading this article you will be more prepared when communicating with our architect.

What To Consider

There are 3 main considerations which Piscinas Tropical SRL will apply to your custom pool. Shape, Function, and Features. There are many elements available and we will only name a few in this article. Your pool design may go as far as your imagination will permit. They are fun to design, fun to build, and fun to use. More details will be available on our Piscinas Tropical web site.

Pool designs defy logic. They go up down, swirly and curvy. Which is what makes them fun. When we visit 6 flag theme parks we see the same elements. Grades going up and down and sidewalks are curvy. I have done many projects in Disney World, Busch Gardens and other theme parks to begin to under stand the logic of illogical.

Piscinas Tropical SRL will provide you with the same professionalism with the highest industry standards at affordable prices.

Traditional rectangle pools have been making a come back and generally have elegant features which may include 0 line water level (water is level with deck) and a french drain parimeter. Perhaps luminar jets, programable light features, to name a few. Piscinas Tropical SRL will assist you in making your custom pool unique, elegant, functional specifically for you.

Shape; bringing in aesthetic factors. Architectural elements.


  • Lighting; Costa Rica sunsets arrive early. Therefore, lighting is a first consideration. A white light was our typical option for the sole purpose to give light while swimming. Today we have lights with multiple LED’s and provide different colors. These LED’s interchange giving you a admirable light movement show. This can be programmed in many formations for your enjoyment.
  • Fountains and bubblers; require an exillary pump which you may control seperatly or by timer. These features give you sound tranquility and visually stimulation. These features may also be accompanied by lighting to give them additional emphasis. Luminar jets are a external installation leaping into the pool.
  • Juccuzi or Chair lounging; These areas consist of 5 to 8 m2 and will be used more than other areas of your pool. Juccuzi may require its own pump, and if you desire, a hot tub system can easily be adapted. Lounging areas can be round or square, they usually sit 6 to 8 people. The positioning of benches or stools where everyone faces one another.

Function; how the pool will be used. Age groups, play pools, lounging, depth and more


  • The first consideration in the shape of the pool is the topography of the lot. Pools may follow the natural lot topography and create cascades, pools with different levels, separating levels for the kids area, lounging or jacuzzi area, deep end, swim up bar, and much more. Different levels also gives us the opportunity to create islands with palm trees, infinity edges, back walls with water features, and so much more.
  • The second consideration of the pool is what element shapes are on the home. Does your home have 45º walls, round features or curves or square. Are there delux features on the home. Is the home square, wide and narrow, or narrow and long.
  • The third consideration for the shape would be you would like to pool to be traditional, or curvy whimcycle, or regal with wall features, cascades, pots spilling in, statues, etc.

Features; what mechanical features were going to include. The pool should entertain at all times. Utilizing lighting, fountains, cascades


  • The depth of a pool is an important consideration. We must not think like North Americans. Here in Costa Rica we use our pools for socializing more than we do for swimming. Therefore, having deep areas will heard your guest to the shallow side. I normally recommend a water depth of 1.3m (52in). If you stand and hold a drink at a comfortable level, then measure this distance. Shallow areas of 1m (40in). Shallow water will heat faster by the sun and warm the pool. I would not recommend going more shallow than 1m on the beach areas.
  • Entering the pool is a keen function and feature. We can use a lagoon entry (also known as beach entrance) where you walk directly into the pool without steps. This is a great consideration for handy cap entry, wheel chair entry, elderly entry, or just plan fun way to run into the pool. You may choose the stairs as this will get you to the depth quicker and not use much space of the foot print. You may wish the longetted stairs entering the pool with not so steep stairs. We may extra extend the step at 60cm (2ft) depth which is ideal to place Chairs and sit in the pool and be refreshed or watching the kids.
  • In tropical climates we use our pools for more hours. Therefore, we should considera areas for lounging. This could include stools on the side (sitting on a stool faces away from the pool to chit chat with someone on the deck). Benches on the side (sitting on a bench with your back on the wall facing into the pool). We may have a lounging area in the pool with concrete table and stools in a circulare configuration.

Types of Finishes

There are not many finishes to choose from, but there are combination of finishes that can be creative. Let’s begin in order of cost.

  • Plaster or apoxy painted; we do not offer this service. This is the least expensive for a reason, it doesn’t last. These types of finishes will most likely need to be refurbished every 5 years.
  • Mosaic tiles; this is most common in Costa Rica because it was the best quality (until now). The glass is 0% absorbent of water and will last decades. There are grout lines that may need to be maintained periodically. Mosaic tiles come in a veriety of colors and sizes. There are luminance tiles that will glow in the dark. You can be creative as to how to lay them out.
  • Natural stone; Costa Rica has natural stone of multiple colors and can be very attractive in a pool. Often seen at resorts, this veneer finish is affordable and looks great. Stone is 5% obsorbant and May require a little extra chemical to keep clean. Grout lines also may require maintenance periodically. No sealers should be applied inside pools.
  • Pebble bead, and glass bead; this is by far the most beautiful and rich finish available for a pool in any country and now, only by Piscinas Tropical it is now available in Costa Rica. The easthetics, the texture, puts this finish in a class of its own. Your pool will most certainly be the envy by all who see it.


These are just to name a few attributes which will go into your design. You will be able to visit our web page  to receive more detailed information. We will be happy to sit with you and make your custom pool design encredible.

We do offer up to 50% financing on pool construction. There is no credit checks, no income verifications, and no documents from other country’s required. You must be the registered owner of the property and you must have a Costa Rica bank account. If you said yes to both those questions, then we’re ready to get started.