Dos Vistas



This is a custom home design that can be adjusted to your home requirements. From 3 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms.  2 bahts to 2.5 baths.  The design has many features for keeping the house cool and is a perfect choice for beach properties. With this custom home design, we’ve created a Beach style with a garden roof.

Dos Vistas Custom Home Design Features

This custom home design has clean lines with no clutter.  Built with solid concrete walls and a concrete roof providing stability for a garden roof.  There is a cohesion of materials in the structure that delivers a cool atmosphere without the use of air conditioning.  The flat roof also offers a perfect advantage for solar panels as it has all day exposure as compared to an angled roof.  The exterior walls are shaded by the large overhangs and have reflective glass windows reducing heat gain.

We have several different designs of this home and many different sizes. We call this home Dos Vistas because it consists of two buildings. The main house is with a kitchen, living room, master bedroom with an ensuite, and a walk-in closet.  There is an option to add a guest bedroom to the main house. The Casita has two bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom with an outdoor shower.  The casita also has a two-piece bathroom conveniently located by the pool area.  Each of these two bedrooms can have small kitchenettes for convenient night snacks or morning coffee preparation.

Custom Design Your Home to Fit Your Lifestyle

We have this custom home design with an extra bedroom in the main house should you require a fourth bedroom. There is also a design with the pitched roof with clay tiles for your traditional Spanish look but with the same footprint of the Dos Vistas. You can choose from many features to customize your home specifically to your specifications.

We currently have custom house design plans for this home from 120sq. m to 220sq. m.  Whichever suits your lifestyle we can make this home fit your requirements.  This home plan has so many possibilities.

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Building 120 sq. m model (1,200 sq. ft) here

House Area’s House Custome Features Recommended Upgrades
Air Conditioned  180 Flat Garden Roof Pool features
Terraza    70 Laundry and Storage in Carport Terraza Projection TV
Pool    40 Outside shower in Casita Landscape lighting
Pool Decking    60 Jack and Jill bath in Casita Outdoor kitchen
Pool bath with outside shower
 Total Construction 350

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Dos Vistas

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