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Casa Lujosa – Custom House In Costa Rica Features

Casa Lujosa is Spanish for Luxury Home. This custom house in Costa Rica has a multitude of features. Which we will name just a few here. This home was designed with the investor in mind.  Incorporating many features that would be desirable for the traveller, vacationer, groups travelling together, and so forth.  The design functions well for a retired couple who will have family visiting.  There are several common areas to get together or to getaway.  Whichever you are in the mood for, this home has the space for it.  There has been a team of experts in this design, however, you may choose to confirm some elements specific to your taste.

Casa Lujosa Details

It is a four-bedroom home highlighting two master bedrooms. Each having an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet. There are two guest bedrooms. That are conveniently located.  All bedrooms are large enough for king beds.  This house comes with an outdoor kitchen under roof servicing the pool area. There is parking for two cars in the carport. The carport has a bodega for storage large enough for storing quads, surfboards and other personal items.  If you’re not ready to retire or live here, then, this house can return you a generous income from renting.

It is not a large house and therefore will not break the budget. However, it is a very spaces house providing plenty of space to stretch out.  It has moderate bathrooms, large bedrooms, 6 common areas to socialize.  In Costa Rica it is summer every day, therefore, outdoor social areas are consequential.

Casa Lujosa Theoretical

This house was professionally designed by our team of engineers and designers. It is designed to accommodate two complete families. Both families having equal comfort.  There are many social areas in this home for social gatherings or getting away from the crowd to relax.  The pool will have many features for different activities.  That will include lounging stools and benches. That is a perfect place to be refreshed while still communicating with your friends.  If your not already aware of is that the pool is widely used for socializing.  Not just for swimming.  Therefore, we incorporate features to accommodate comfort for these socializing events.  The pool can entertain you even when you’re not using it by his colourful lighting system.

There are 2 kitchens in this home providing several areas of space for achieving companionship.  The roof of this house is grandeur by continuing to rise in a pyramid type architectural that for curb appeal it has the appearance of a mansion.  The U-shaped design cuddles in the common areas. There is nowhere in this home you would not feel comfortable if somebody wants the party and make noise or somebody else wants to watch the game there is plenty of room in this house to make it happen.

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House Area’s House Custome Features Recommended Upgrades
Air Conditioned  220 2 Master Bedrooms Carport to Garage
Terrazo   40 2 Guest Bedrooms Video Cameras
Pool   50 2 Kitchens Intercom
Pool Deck   60 6 common areas to relax Poolside projection tv
Carport   40 Sufficient Parking Landscape lighting
Total Construction 410 4+ Bathrooms

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