Casa Mariposa


I am preparing the details about this energy-efficient home.  That will be uploaded soon.  Please return to learn more or send me a message at the contact page and I will give you the details personally.

Details for the following attributes of Casa Mariposa.  This Costa Rica energy-efficient home is self-sufficient and economically stable.  With a detached full casita.  The 17% large sloped roof is designed to receive sun all day to support the full capabilities of photovoltaic solar panels.

Energy Efficient Home elements

  • high ceilings for heat exchange
  • the sloped ceiling for vertical heat exchange management
  • large overhang
  • insulated roof material R-20
  • 8″ block exterior  10″ finished thickness R-10 in walls
  • reflect Low-E windows with bronze tint
  • white or light colour exterior finish – low heat absorption
  • polished decorative concrete floors
  • solar array for off-grid or tie-in grid
  • solar hot water
  • large window cross ventilation with screens
  • LED lights with low heat generation
  • Ceiling fans for air circulation
  • Landscape trees providing shade on the house
  • Landscape shade trees on west side cooling breezes as they flow towards the house
  • Full casita apartment
  • Fully enclosed garage with concrete roof
  • All utilities and air conditioning compressors on the concrete flat roof

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House Area’s House Custome Features Recommended Upgrades
Air Conditioning  260 Glass walls that open completely Landscape lighting
Terraza  30 3 Bath Solar hotwater
Pool  30 Outdoor kitchen Video Cameras
Pool Deck  30 Polystyrene insulated roof Built-in appliances
Garage  30 Screened lanai terrace Solar Array Electric
Vaulted Living room ceiling Kitchenette
Total Construction 380


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