Casa Mirada


Casa Mirada is an affordable home in Costa Rica.  With a gingerbread type of aesthetic that promotes an inviting impression.  Costa Rica has summertime temperatures all year long because it is close to the equator. Once you have stayed in Costa Rica for a period you will learn that you spend more time outside by the pool and in the back and not inside the house. Casa Mirada promotes this style of living.

One does not need to spend much of the budget on the size of the house it is more advisable to use a budget on outside amenities that you would enjoy and use the most.  This is where you’re doing most of your time and living. The Casa Miranda is a quite quaint and majestic affordable home in Costa Rica.  It has architectural features that will ‘wow’ your friends and neighbours.  Though this house is small we’ve given this home grandeur.  By including high vaulted ceilings and decorative architectural ceilings. In bedrooms and we’ve added many elegant features two numerous to mention in this brief introduction.

This home requires a sloping lot from front to back for this plan to function well.  We have many different variations of this plan to customize it for your Lot. Which includes parking access attached and detached from the house this plan is very customizable.  The Casa Meroniux is another version of this house but on a larger scale.

This home may function well for a family with adults or teenagers.  By incorporating bathrooms in each of the lower bedrooms makes this ideal for teenagers or possible rental units.  These bedrooms are large enough to accommodate and kitchenette.  As a potential income property.  That it makes this, even more, affordable home in Costa Rica.

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House Area’s House Custome Features Recommended Upgrades
Air Conditioned  150 Kitchen bi-pass to terraza Intercom
Upper Terraza    70 Floor to ceiling glass Outdoor kitchen
Lower Terraza    20 Large terraza apart of living area Additional pool features
Pool    40 Main floor laundry Kitchenette in lower bedroom
Pool Deck    50
Carport    24
Total Construction 354


Floor Plans

Upper level

1 Bedroom
1.5 Bathrooms

Lower Level

2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

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