Casa Ranchero


Casa Ranchero is designed for the double family home for living or vacationing.  This is a very popular plan as it has many function opportunities.  The 2 master bedrooms and 2 guest bedrooms make this home stunning for visitors and families travelling together.  We have customized this design to suit different needs as well as different topographies.  This home takes a small footprint and returns large amounts of comfort.  There are 6 different locations for social areas.

There are different sizes available.  180 sq.m – 200 sq.m – 240 sq.m.  I am only showing a few versions in this posting.  All versions are for a double family home.  This property would certainly return a generous income as a rental.  Exhibiting 6 areas for socializing, a generous pool for refreshing.  Outdoor kitchen, living room area.  This is similar to resort-style living.

Casa Ranchero is built with solid concrete that is heavily reinforced.  Steel rafters with metal dry in the roof covered with clay tile for heat absorption and acoustic protection from heavy rains.  Large windows allow sunlight to brighten all rooms.  The correct landscaping makes this home an oasis.  You will not want to leave this home’s tranquillity.  It will allure to all lifestyles.

The Casa Ranchero can be adapted to all topographies.  We have built this home two times and have designed two more.  This home will always be in style and have a good sale overturn.  Because this design is simple with many attributes.  It attracts many demographics of all ages.  There several upgrades that will enhance this home’s complexion.

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House Area’s House Custome Features Recommended Upgrades
Air Conditioning  180 Glass walls that open completely Landscape lighting
Terraza    25 3 Bath Convert to garage
Pool    30 Outdoor kitchen Video Cameras
Pool Deck    30 Decorative ceilings Built-in appliances
Carport    25 A carport with lockable bodega Solar Array Electric
Total Construction 390


Floor Plans

180 sq m

200 sq m

240 sq m

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