Casa Roma


Casa Roma is part of our ‘Leader Homes’ collection.  It is a small house designs program of economical and affordable homes with superior construction methods.  As you can see from these photos here, the Casa Roma is a beautiful spectacular home.  With the natural finish materials.  There are small secure windows but many of them allow for sunlight to enter into the home for natural lighting.

Although the Casa Roma is from the small house designs you will see a large home footprint.  It is for this reason that there are large balconies and covered terraces to give the illusion of a large home.  However, the air-conditioned portion of this home is simply 130 sq.m  Making this home very economical to sustain.

There are many attractive features to describe.  However, here I will name just a few.  Firstly, the living room has a ceiling height of 6 m (20ft).  With a complete glass wall at the back of the home.  This is a two-bedroom home with both bedrooms on the second floor.  Each bedroom has access to the upper balcony and each bedroom has its own bathroom.

There is an option to include a third bedroom but would require to sacrifice the living room high ceiling.  This house includes the house, carport, swimming pool, and landscaping.  We can easily fit this home on a lot 300 sq. m.  Should your property allow, we can upgrade a casita with additional bedrooms and facilities.  Coupled with landscaping this home design can quickly achieve a tropical oasis for you and your family.

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House Area’s House Custome Features Recommended Upgrades
Air Conditioned  130 Glass walls opening the main floor Possible 3rd bedroom
Upper Terraza    50 High ceilings Casita
Lower Terraza    30 Open concept social areas Additional pool features
Pool    25 Large upper balcony Double carport
Pool Deck    25 2 master bedrooms Lockable bodega on carport
Carport    25
Total Construction 285


Floor Plans

Floor Plan

Second Level Plan

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