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To design a custom home begins with the aesthetics and spirit of the home.  The Casa Tamarindo projects security, confidence, stability.  As you enter through the gallant front entry.  You are greeted in a foyer space before continuing into the living room.  Thus, providing privacy when opening for delivery service or an unknown visitor.  The living room is 8 sided octagon with passages going to private and social areas of the house. You may gaze up to a 6 m high ceiling (20ft) with many architectural decor ceiling designs to choose from. This living room is in the center of the house and we have the 2 or 3 guest bedrooms and 1 master suite.

We have a three-bedroom design of this home and we also have a four-bedroom design for this home. The advantage of designing custom homes is to take advantage of all spaces.  The kitchen is joined to the living room with an open concept. Which also has a breakfast nook that passes out to the back to terraza.  The back terraza continues to carry the architectural element of hexagon 45° angles.  Design custom home also allows customizing your pool layout.  Which may include the same features as the home.  Thus implementing a cohesion with architectural elements.  The Casa Tamarindo pool as well also has 45° angles. These architectural elements are carried on throughout the home.  This provides interior decorating to be creative and original.

The floor plan and elevations were comprised using Phi which is well known in architecture, marketing, it is also used in financial strategies, and more.  This is a contributing factor as to why this home is attracted by many.  It will be envied by your family and friends.

The master bedroom has a walk-in closet with an ensuite bathroom.  The other two bedrooms are on the opposite side of the home. That is large enough to furnish with king-size beds. Should you decide for a fourth bedroom it is positioned with a balcony on top of the garage. The garage is located beneath the first floor. Therefore, the topography of the lot should slope from left to right or right to left. However, this house can be customizable. This home has interesting mouldings which transit around the house.  These mouldings are installed at different elevations (again using the golden rule for placement).  The top of the wall is crowned with rafter tales on the octagon turret which towers over the top of the main house roof.

The back terrace goes along the back of the home. The master bedroom enters the terrace with bi-fold glass doors.  The living room also enters to the back terrace with bi-fold glass doors. The kitchen has a pass-through breakfast nook to the terrace. This is accessible by bi-fold glass doors as well.  Entertaining in the back terrace has never been more convenient.

There are many interesting finishes that can be applied to this home as it does sport a Colombian style architecture with rafter tales on the octagon turret and stonework in front of the home.  Design a custom home provides privileges more open the purchasing existing homes.

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House Area’s House Custome Features Recommended Upgrades
Air conditioned  240 6m (20 ft) high livingroom ceiling Casita with 2pc bath
Terraza    70 45-degree angle walls in Livingroom Outdoor shower
Garage    50 Kitchen Pass through nook Stone decking
Pool    40 Opening Glass walls Landscape lighting
Pool Deck    50 Large storage in Garage
 Total Construction 450

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