Hacienda Pharoah


Home investment in Costa Rica ends with the Hacienda Pharoah.  This home design has all the features for a home investment in Costa Rica.  Often I have been approached by people looking for a niche to invest in Costa Rica.  Studies with the ICT (Institute Costa Rican Tourism).  Indicate the popular areas for tourism destinations as well as residential demand for tourism.  Hacienda Pharaoh could benefit an 80% occupancy rate if marketed properly.  Two separate master bedrooms attract two-family travellers.  Often brothers and sisters travel together with their spouses and children.  This home equally shares spaces for two families.

Home Investment Features

The gourmet kitchen is equipped with a walk-in pantry and a wine closet for storing items best served chilled.  This could include wine, fruits, preservatives.  On one occasion the wine closet was converted to a safe room at the owners’ request.  The entryway has a foyer for greeting guests or delivery persons.  A focal point of a water feature or an aquarium is the positioned center of the foyer.  Behind the water feature, is a sunken living room with floor to ceiling glass.  There are a comfortable seating area and bar in this room.  The glass walls will completely open expanding the living area to the outdoors.

We can build this home at a surprisingly low cost reserving budgets for the landscape and outdoor living spaces.  Our in house designer is involved one on one with our clients to customize finishes specifically to your appreciation.  This home has far to many features to mention in this write-up.  Let us custom design the Hacienda Pharaoh specifically to your preferences.

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House Area’s House Custome Features Recommended Upgrades
Air Conditioning  350 Two Master Bedrooms Outdoor kitchen
Terraza    50 Wine Closet Hardtop driveway
Pool    50 Sunken Livingroom with bar Stone pool deck
Pool Deck    60 Decorative Architectural Ceilings Video Cameras
Carport    60 3 full bathrooms Stone veneer front
Arched windows with mouldings Landscape lighting
2.4m internal doors (8ft)
Total Construction 570


Floor Plans

Hacienda Pharaoh Main Floor

280 Sq. M
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

Hacienda Pharaoh Upper Floor

70 Sq. M
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

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