Full Office

We have a complete team of professionals in house. We will have someone to help you every step of the way and guide you through the process. Our years of experience drive our superior results.


Own Equipment

Building a home requires many specialty tools and equipment. We have eliminated many of these contingency costs by purchasing the necessary equipment and tools to complete your project with precision and expertise.


Own Fabricating Shops

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL has employed artisans and have set up custom fabricating shops for windows, wrought iron, cabinetry, doors, furniture, granite and stone profiling/polishing, and most recently block plant for concrete block and paver stones.



We are building dream home for 37 years. Whatever you wish to build in a house, we can make it true

Building service

Once we have the permits in hand, the building stage is the easiest.  All the hard work has been completed. Now we only need to take it from paper and apply it to real life. This is when it begins to become a reality for you. I have had people have tears, even at digging the footings. A lot of emotion is involved in designing and committing to the building.

Design and Permitting

you are going to require when you are ready to develop your property. This process may be confusing, frustrating, overwhelming, and expensive. Architects in Costa Rica are lined up to take your money and promise the world. Only for you to find at a later date he does not provide full service and many attributes need to be sub-contracted by a stranger whom again expects payment. You will learn the fees do not include encumbrances like permit cost, muni cost, insurance cost, engineer cost, etc.

Furniture, Fabrications & granites

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL was founded in 2012. Beginning with designing and engineering homes. Continuing to network with fabricators and it became apparent that many zones within Costa Rica it is difficult to get services for home constructions and maintain reasonable prices. Therefore, Finish Touch Enterprises established custom fabricating shops to expedite home constructions with low prices and superior results.

Pool Design and construction

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL with a sole objective to deliver custom designed and professionally engineered pools. We offer pool finishes that are not available in Costa Rica. Using pebble beads of multiple colors to choose from, and glass beads with multiple colors to choose from. We also offer a verity of stone veneers, and of course the traditional glass mosaic tiles. We do not offer plaster finishes as this a low-quality finish with a short lifespan.

Custom home design

We are providing you with a view of our home ideas. Each of these plans are customizable to your lot topography. The size of the home is also customizable to fit budgets, and special needs. You may review these designs to list the attributes you would like in your custom home design. We have a blog regarding designs, that we recommend reading. The more information you can provide us, then the more apt we are in making your dream become a reality.


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