Casa Lujosa

2 Family Home
3,300 sq.ft.
4 Bedroom
3 1/2 Bath

Home Design

This home is very welcoming.  From the curb appeal to the ‘wow’ factor when entering.  We have several floor plans to choose from.  This plan has been popular for multi-family purchases.  Perhaps two family members or two friends.  The house has 2 master bedrooms and 2 guest bedrooms.  There are multiple social areas for the whole family to enjoy together or to be alone.  We include two kitchens, inside and out.  There are also sufficient bathrooms so no need for lineups.  This design is very popular as an income vacation rental.

Lot Requirement

This home will fit on most lots.  It has no need for special topography requirements.  Produce us a lot plan and we will make this house fit.  We have several designs of this model and we can make this home adjust to sloped lots or flat lots.  Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.