Building A Home In Costa Rica Fast And Easy with FInish Touch

Building A Home In Costa Rica Fast And Easy with Finish Touch

Instead of buying a house with a history, choose Building a Home in Costa Rica with Finish Touch Enterprises SRL.

Why buying Homes for Sale in Costa Rica with some upcoming repairs from previous owners, when you can start your new life in this beautiful country by entering the door of a brand new custom house!

If you’re seriously interested in owning Costa Rica Real Estate that will continue to grow in value, we offer you everything you’d expect from top Costa Rica Home Builders, for a lot less.

Finish Touch fits your budget and your style just right!

Costa Rica Home Builders: Our Team

Remember: You’re Building a Home in Costa Rica for the people you love. And you know that when it comes to the VIPs in your life, nothing but the best is expected.

So, that means working with a professional architectural firm that counts with a brilliant team of experienced Costa Rica Home Builders.

We have a staff dedicated to designing your home, including an in-house architect.

And we also count on our own interior designer!

This means that you can let us know exactly how you envision the different rooms of your new home, and we’ll make sure you’ll be surprisingly delighted with the final results.

Once we have agreed on a fabulous final custom design, we will start building a custom house for you with the help of our on-call Costa Rica Construction crew.

We’ve been creating real estate masterpieces for a long time. And thankfully, we now count on a solid team of workers that will get your home built fast and using the best techniques.

Contact CEO Michael Pechbrenner

Sit down and chat with our CEO!

With over 40 years of real estate experience, our CEO Michael Pechbrenner will be happy to contact you for a one on one concerning all the outstanding things Finish Touch has to offer you.

Send us your information, including a way to reach out to you, and Michael we’ll be contacting you at a convenient time.

Building a Home in Costa Rica: Design & Construction

Your imagination is the only limit when creating the perfect Costa Rica house plans!

When Building a Home in Costa Rica with Finish Touch, you’ll be spoiled with every single customization request you make.

If it’s technically possible, our crew of expert Costa Rica Home Builders will make sure it happens.

Your choice of:

  • Custom features
  • Fabrics
  • Finishes

If you consider yourself some who appreciates exquisite detail, you’ll love what our team can do for your project.

We can create the perfect balance between comforting, yet eye-catching interior design, with the most perfect landscaping work, giving your new residence the kind of curb appeal that will turn heads for years to come.

Give yourself the opportunity to own the kind of high-quality residence ​you were meant to own.

Costa Rica Construction Services

Make us part of your Costa Rica Construction project!

If you’re Building a Home in Costa Rica, you should demand the very best not just in looks, but also in terms of materials; and the overall quality of your Costa Rica Construction project.

Plus, get ready to enjoy great savings!

As we get our materials straight from the source, we can give you the very best value for your cash.

This allows you to count on high-end materials for your new residential property without breaking the bank.

We also count on our own crew and equipment, allowing us to deliver fast results time and time again.

Now, let’s review some unique, yet simple Costa Rica Construction techniques that will allow you to improve the value of your new home with time effortlessly.

Building a Home in Costa Rica: House Orientation

When creating the Costa Rica house plans for your dream real estate project with our team, make sure to consider seasonal and environmental factors.

When Building a Home in Costa Rica, it’s also key for you to recognize certain key exterior factors, and express your opinion to our team of Costa Rica Home Builders.

Costa Rica Construction Factors: Sunlight

Let’s start with sunlight!

Those warming sun rays are definitely part of what you want to experience every morning at your new home.

And, you also want as much overall natural clarity around the house as possible!

So, our team will make sure the windows of your bedroom will be facing east.

This will allow you to take breakfast in bed every morning with your cup of coffee; experiencing in awe all the beauty Costa Rican nature has to offer.

Costa Rica Construction Factors: Wind

That sun is amazing, but it may also overheat your home from time to time.

And, if you don’t want to overspend on AC bills, our team will work on the perfect design that will include windows that face the direction of the wind.

That way you can get a lot of natural air flowing through the home on a regular basis, making turning the AC an option on regular basis.

Costa Rica Construction Factors: Neighbors

When Building a Home in Costa Rica, you also need to think about your neighbors.

We will make sure your main windows, will not face directly those of your neighbors.

This way both you and them can enjoy extra privacy.

And, as an added amazing benefit, this is indeed also a factor that will bring more value to your home with time.

Costa Rica Homes for Sale: Investment Property

When it comes to owning an investment property in Costa Rica, Finish Touch can really deliver the kind of high-quality results that will turn your home into a real money maker.

Let’s explore a few of the top reasons why you would like to become involved with the fabulous and profitable Costa Rica real estate market:

  • Take personal family vacations from time to time
  • Building a House in Costa Rica for vacations, but also with a plan to rent it at Airbnb, VRBO, or while you’re away
  • Become an ex-pat and move permanently to the country
  • Maybe all you want is just a new top asset for your growing property investment portfolio
  • Or it may also be the case that it can be a combination of the above factors

Now, we have some great news: If you already know how the United States real estate market works, then you already know most of what you need to know when it comes to Building a House in Costa Rica.

Building a Home in Costa Rica: Personal House or Airbnb

We at Finish Touch are experts at creating stunning custom homes for both personal individuals, and also to be used as vacation rental assets under a real estate portfolio.

So, once we become aware of the real reasons why you’re looking for Costa Rica Homes for Sale, we’ll be able to present you with one of our house design models; which you can continue to completely customize according to your particular needs.

So, before you contact us, take some time to brainstorm the following questions:

  • What is the real purpose of this Costa Rica real estate property?
  • Are you working with a set budget?
  • How many family members?
  • Will you be needing a lot of rooms? Please think about the usage for each one of them.
  • Is counting with your own full dining room a must for you?
  • What are the kind of features you simply can’t live without?
  • Are there any things you believe you can set aside?
  • What are the best attributes of your current home? What is it that you don’t like about it?
  • Do you have a set date to move?

Contact Us

Now we kindly ask you to visit our Costa Rica Homes for Sale models section, so that you can have a clear understanding of the outstanding work we can do for you when Building a Home in Costa Rica.

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