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Designing And Building A House In Costa Rica

Design and Building

Designing a home in Costa Rica may be a very complexed application. A Costa Rica general contractor will have the necessary professionals on staff.  The designing process requires an architect, structural engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, civil engineer.  Also including studies on the soil for compaction and infiltration performed by registered geologist.  Finally to pull it all together is an interior decorator.  They will coordinate with the engineers for niches, accent lighting, functionality.  They will participate in the home design for finishes, textures and colors.  They will have more communication with the home owner than any other.

Of course each of these professionals hold certificates from their master studies.  Including the professional license with the CFIA.  In the event that a family was to choose a single architect to perform all the above.  The results could be not in a favorable resolution.  Often an architect firm that is apart of the Costa Rica general contractor is less expensive that a single owner operator architect.  To explain, when it is necessary to outsource a service.  The cost are greater and less productivity are applied to the project.  Costa Rica general contractors are not facilitator.  They are staffed and equipped to complete your project expeditiously with precision.

The home owner may prepare features, style, and concepts before speaking with a designer.  By means of photos and sketches the home owner must communicate their vision.  There is a series of articles on this website that I recommends reading.  Beginning with design considerations.  From there you will see a series of articles towards your design and building.

Costa Rica contractorsA Costa Rica general contractor will have a permanently employed construction crews.  Which includes all the necessary tools to complete your project with success.  The advantage of permanent crews is that the men are trained in an area of construction which makes them more professional.  Costa Rica traditional construction is a crew of workers will perform all aspects of your home.  Which include digging the footings.  Installing the electrical and mechanical, as well as build the walls.  Continued with installing the roof.  Furthermore, the same men will apply the stucco and install the drywall.  Followed by painting and laying tile.  We refer to this as 'jack of all trades'

However, with permanent employed crew's the men have an opportunity to learn a trade.  Understand their product professionally and their application methods improved in accuracy and quality.  The Costa Rica general contractor will supply them with tools of precision and equipment for the application.  In addition, the tradesman has access to the engineers for consults for improvements.

Pool Design and Building

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL with a sole objective to deliver custom designed and professionally engineered pools. We offer pool finishes that are not available in Costa Rica. Using pebble beads of multiple colors to choose from, and glass beads with multiple colors to choose from.  Finish Touch Enterprises SRL as a registered licensed general contractor.  Has exclusivity to high-end custom pool finishes.  Which is not available from any pool company in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica pool contractorWe also offer a variety of stone veneers, and of course the traditional glass mosaic tiles.  There is much thought that needs to be applied to the design to suite your specific needs and function. There are 3 main considerations which should be applied to your custom pool. Shape, Function, and Features. There are many elements available and we will only name a few in this article. More details can be found at Pool Design and Construction.  Your pool design may go as far as your imagination will permit. They are fun to design, fun to build, and fun to use.

Pool designs defy logic. They go up down, swirly and curvy. Which is what makes them fun. When we visit 6 flag theme parks we see the same elements. Grades going up and down and sidewalks are curvy. I have completed many projects in Disney World, Busch Gardens and other theme parks.  Which implements design concepts to make your activity area have energy and be a fun space.

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL as a Costa Rica general contractor.  You will receive the same professionalism with the highest industry standards at affordable prices.  In addition, you will have an opportunity to high-end pool finishes that are not found in Costa Rica.  Fortunately Costa Rica is a developing country and welcomes new technologies and construction engineered methods.

Traditional rectangle pools have been making a come back and generally have elegant features which may include 0 line water level (water is level with deck) and a french drain parameter. PerhapsCosta Rica pool contractors laminar jets, programable light features, to name a few. Our office of designers, engineers, and architect will assist you in making your custom pool unique, elegant, functional specifically for you.


Furniture Manufacture

Cabinet Manufacturing

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL as a Costa Rica general contractor.  Has recognized the necessity of manufacturing shops.  Where as to outsourcing cabinetry, granites, doors, entry ways.  Can be challenging for reaching a quality standard that you want.  It is necessary Costa Rica general contractorto source trees and wood available for your projects needs.  There is no depository that you can simply call when you require inventory.  In may instances, it is necessary to source trees.  After which you will mill to the lumber sizes you need.  Following the drying process to reach furniture grade humidity.

At this point the lumber is then planed to final thickness and goes into production for your home.  We don't use MDF or OBS particle boards.  All our cabinetry and doors are made from solid wood.  It is necessary to employ artisan wood crafters.  There are no sophisticated CNC machines or computerized programs.  Our crafters work with their hands as did my father's father.  Your furniture is made with quality fasteners and not from glues and staples.  This furniture will last generations.

The advantages of have your Costa Rica general contractor owning their own manufacturing facilities.  Firstly, your doors, cabinets, and furniture are custom-made and colored to your specific taste and design.  Secondly, your wood is hand chosen from the tree farm.  Thirdly, all our doors, cabinets, and furniture is warrantee should an issue present itself.  Finally, you receive the best quality at warehouse prices.

Stone profiling and polishing

Costa Rica general contractorIn addition to wood manufacturing shop, we have a stone profiling and polishing section.  Meaning we are able to custom design granite stair treads, granite or stone pool coping, also window sills.  In addition we can sculpt a rock into a vessel sink and polish to a brilliant shine.  The design capabilities are as far as your imagination will permit.

Furthermore, by combining 2 or more materials in specific cabinet and furniture designs has an extraordinary aesthetic result.  To explain, a kitchen or patio table with a granite top that matches the kitchen tops.  Perhaps stone inlays on your head-board.  Again the combinations are endless.

Note: Finish Touch Enterprises SRL is aware it may be necessary to leverage an asset to make your Costa Rica dream a reality.  Therefore, we offer a bridge financing options for all or portions of your request.

Heavy Equipment

Costa Rica general contractorsHeavy equipment is often the first activity on a construction site.  Heavy equipment requirements to prepare a project for construction.  The uses for during construction.  Lastly, the final grading as the project nears completion.  It is wise for a Costa Rica general contractor to purchase this equipment.  Earthmovement to improve roads, create lot access.  Which includes grading for positive storm water management.  Furthermore, construction usage for lifting concrete and other heavy materials to second story or roof levels.

Furthermore final grading is key to a manicured professionaly landscape sculpting.  Having the machines for precision grading will amplify your curb appeal.  This is often accomplished with cuts and fills to specific grading for function and aesthetics.  In addition the machines keep the site clean and managable.  Which contributes to safety and a more enjoyable working enviroment.

Costa Rica general contractorsThe weight of an average house in Costa Rica is approximately 150 tons.  Every pound of which needs to be transported on a truck at one time or another. This requires scheduling and quality control.  Often items are delivered that are not to standard.  Or only partial of the order is delivered.  Nonetheless, there is a lot of time spend orginizing and reorginizing the material delivery management.

In addition to heavy equipment requirements and delivery needs.  Finish Touch Enterprises as a Costa Rica general contractor has illiminated these expenses.  Our quality control begins at the building supply store as the truck is being loaded.  This is double checked at the delivery site.  Heavy equipment is on call and can be delivered when the need for earth movement is required.

Costa Rica general contractor
Building a House In Costa Rica

The benefit to the home owner is that more of the home building budget is used towards the home build.  Less contigency fund is required for outsourcing to other companies.  Therefore, Finish Touch Enterprises SRL delivers you a home which will exceed your expetations.

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL

A Costa Rica General Contractor

Costa Rica Home Builder

  • Perminant Crews:
    • Professionaly trained workers in specific trade attributes.
    • Access to all tools to install materials in a orderly and safely fasion.
    • Access to equipment for grading and heavy lifting
    • Access to delivery trucks to expedite construction timelines
  • Bodega Warehouse:
    • Materials are ordered in buld to recieve the best purchasing price
    • Our bodega stocks materials which is available to crews 24/7
    • Quality control of material purchases
  • Heavy Equipment:
    • Earth moving equipment for preparing property for construction
    • Heavy equipment to aid in construction advancement
    • Heavy equipment for pool excavation and backfilling, as well as final grading
    • Delivery vehicles for cross country hauling
    • Lighter vehicles for short deliveries and difficult to reach areas
    • Specialty equipment for applying pool finishes
  • Furniture Manufacturing:
    • Ability to custom design and manufacture; doors, cabinets, entery ways, furniture
    • Custom designed for spaces to avoid fillers and other cavity issues
    • Cohesion of finishes for cabinets, doors, and furniture for achieving 'wow' factor of home
    • Quality control from tree to home delivery.  With warrantee
  • Stone Sculpting and Polishing:
    • Custom formed granite and stone counter tops, cascades, window sills, stair treads, pool coping
    • Stone sculping and polishing for vessel sinks, furniture, mirror frames
    • Shower areas creatively decorated with stone and granite
  • Full Staff Office:
    • Our design team does not leave after permiting.  They are involved in the construction advancement until the home owner has their keys in hand.
    • Weekly inspections with reports and photo dialogue
    • Constant communication with home owner
  • Pool Design and Construction:
    • Custom design pool to conform with topography, porportion, and home attributes
    • Engineered hydrolics for best performance of equipment
    • Exclusive pool finishes not offered by any other pool company

Costa Rica Archtitecture Firm

  • Architect:
    • Coordinate all professionals towards design aesthetics and functionality
    • Design anti-project proposing lot access and parking, home position and layout, pool position and layout, landscaping
  • Electrical Engineer:
    • Calculate the home electrical demand and potential and design service entry
    • Calculate required room lumens and design lighting layout
    • Design receptical and switch locations and functionality
    • Design low-voltage systems for; phone, security, Tv, intercom
    • Weekly inspections of installation
  • Structural Engineer:
    • Design foundation based on the results of the geologist studies
    • Design column and beam sizes, frequency, and reinforcing requirements with safety factors
    • Design structural roof purling and girt to support roofing material
  • Civil Engineer: (If required depending on property location)
    • Design of lot access
    • Design of storm water management
    • Design of Ministry of Health black water management
  • Certified Technicians:
    • geologist - soil studies of property for stability, compaction, and infiltration.
    • hydrologist - analysing service entry potable water pressure.  design of pressure system, water collection system, pool pipe sizing.
  • Interior Decorator:
    • Interior decorator works directly with all professionals above.
    • She will participate in home design niches, door openings, kitchen design, bathroom design, home functionality
    • Interior design will influence lighting layout, to which include accent light, wall washing light, task lighting, as well as light color.
    • She will participate in landscape design, pool design, pool decking, as well as home facade finishes
    • Interior decorating by coordinating and matching home furnishings with electrical and plumbing fixtures, doors, cabinetry
      • (this is an included service of Finish Touch Enterprises SRL)

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