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Home Designing Service Costa Rica

Description of Our Home Designing Service and Cost

Home design service in Costa Rica:

This article will discuss what is included in your Costa Rica Home Designing service agreement.  As well as the cost of a Costa Rica Home Design agreement with Finish Touch Enterprises SRL.

Home Designing ServiceWithin the 10 years I have been in Costa Rica.  In a matter of fact it has come to my attention of the difficulties.  As well as the challenges.  Which most people and companies face.  When home designing and building a house in Costa Rica.  Therefore, I have structured my company to strengthen those weaknesses.  In particular to simplify the solutions.  Resulting in the process of home designing service in Costa Rica.  As well as Building a Home in Costa Rica.  Above all making it straightforward and uncomplicated. 

How Finish Touch Enterprises SRL Improves Your Experience

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL continues to grow.  Specifically our objective is to offer the best solutions with superior results.  Including to offering the lowest prices with our home designing service.  This can only be accomplished by firstly, eliminate the middle man.  Secondly, less out sourcing of professional services.   Thirdly, equip the company with the necessary tools and equipment. 

Consequently a team involvement in design has proven advantages.  Accordingly there is strength in numbers.  Where as decisions are made collectively. Which is a business model practice with all major corporations and governments.  Where as responsabilities are deversified amongst professionals.  Within their area of master studies.

The following list are the services that Finish Touch Enterprises SRL offers exclusively to our clients.

  • First of all an architect is available for home designing, revisions, and site visits
  • Including an engineer for footings, walls, roof, and pool engineering
  • Even more an employed Interior decorator.  Whom graduated from University of New York
  • Most noteworthy a permanently employed construction crews
  • In addition we own heavy equipment for lot preparation, pool excavation, lot access, road building
  • Furthermore we own delivery trucks. No waiting, no extra delivery fees.
  • Above all we design beautiful Spanish style home designs with North American engineering and structure
  • In addition to beautiful beach style glass home designs with unique design concepts to keep the house cool
  • Also a full service wood shop creating custom kitchen cabinets, custom interior doors, custom entrance way doors, custom home furniture, unique teak patio and pool furniture.
  • Including a full stone profiling and polishing of granites, sculpting stone sinks
  • Uniquely window distribution license direct from manufacture, no middle man
  • Finally pool equipment distributor direct from Pentair manufacture, no middle man
  • Only contractor in Costa Rica to have a glass bead pool plaster finish.
  • Fully insured company
  • Lísense with the Colegio Federado De Arquitectos Y Ingenieros De Costa Rica CC-08073
  • Service the complete west side of Costa Rica

In particular we recommend to you take some notes.  As this article will create questions you will want to ask your architect.  For reasons of this article will be detailed.  Not withstanding you can contact me any time for further explaination.  Consequently I do not have consulting fees. Furthermore I would be more than happy to assist you.

In addition you may wish to read the article describing our building standards.  Which is located at: Description of Our Building Process and Cost.  This article is technical, but it gives you in writing details of a quality built home.  Notably this article is included in our article series listed below.

Hire a architect or architecture firm: For your home designing service

Designing a house in Costa RicaWhen hiring an architect or architecture firm for your home designing service.  There will be many decisions to be made pertaining to materials purchases.  Including finishing choices, and aesthetics as well as plumbing and light fixtures.  So, it stands to reason you will have questions and concerns towards what you will receive.  Most commonly builders and designers will quote you a squ ft price.  Although without clarification as to what is included.  As well as what is the quality of products.  This article will clarify those questions.

  • Which materials and quality of materials will be used?
  • Demistrate the details of the wall material?
  • In particular what will the roof be made of?
  • In addition how are the floors to be done?
  • Further more the details of type of windows are going to be installed?
  • With attention to what are your finishing allowances for plumbing and lighting fixtures?
  • Most importantly what engineers will be reviewing my design? Structural, electrical, HVAC
  • Equally important is what is the cost for a complete design and permitting process.

Be Well Informed Of Your Project Elements

Important to realize is there are many engineered systems.  Which are fabricated offsite and transported to your property and assembled.  Similarly many of these systems claim to save you time and money.  Notwithstanding that most come with sacrifice of quality.  If your designer is recommending an engineered system.  Then due your research as to how you will benefit.  Notably commissions are often paid for referrals.  Therefore you will want to validate that the recommendation is towards your benefit.  Not for the finacial benefit of the one making the recomendation.

Accordingly what is important for your home designing service is the quality and function.  At the same time resulting with a competitive price. In reality you are going to enjoy this house for many years.  Therefore, it is more than an investment.  Most importantly it is your home where memories will be made and cherished for a life time.

What is included in your home designing service:

Costa Rica Architect FirmLets begin with the details to those questions.  Which is included in the Home Design Service Agreement with Finish Touch Enterprises SRL.

To begin the home designing service process you and I will begin to have a dialogue.  Perhaps by phone or through emails regarding your project.  For reason to discuss your property and home advancement.  In the same fasion what you are envisioning on the property and what are your objectives towards property usage.  In addition to a basic conversation for clarity and intention we will discuss of property usage, budgets, and all relevant articles.

Btw, budgets are always kept confidential.  Which are not shared with the staff.  It is best to have them focused on designing without restriction.  I will balance the design to the budget.

Often, I will visit the property to perform an pre-evaluation.  In the event you do not have a property I will present you with purchase options.  Which may include Finish Touch Enterprises SRL exclusive offers.  Some of which may be current clients wishing to sell.  These properties are located in proximity of a international airport and include spectacular ocean views.  On the other hand I may source a property for you.  As well as a list properties which equals your requested attributes and budget.  Nonetheless, after I have reached the conclusion that Finish Touch Enterprises SRL can be instrumental to achieve your intentions.  At which time, we may enter into home designing service agreement. Uniquely our home designing service agreement.  Includes all fees and encumbrances of the designing process.  Including permit fees, and required mandatory insurance.

The home designing service agreement schedule includes:

  1. In general to begining with preliminary studies of property.
  2. Demonstrate an anti-project of property.
  3. Included geotechnical exploration and analysis.
  4. Final drafting and design of detailed construction drawings.
  5. Continuing with electric and mechanical design from licensed engineers.
  6. Accordingly rectification of property boundaries
  7. Further more a detailed construction budget
  8. Correspondively submittal for the approval proceedings before the Costa Rican Engineers and Architects Bar
  9. Including registration of professionals licensed with the CFIA for inspections
  10. Continuing with the municipal approval process
  11. Included is the mandatory INS insurance

Finish Touch Enterprises SRL Home Designing Service Agreement Details

Project Stages: 

  1. To Begin With Preliminary Studies of Property:

    1. In the first place, to begin with a visit to the property.  With architect, engineers, interior designer, and myself.  In a matter of fact each professional will study their elements of master studies.  Including the direction of the property.  Accordingly the topography of the lot.  Furthermore the sun travel has much relevance.  Notably the position of neighbors or adjoining lots.  In addition to the water availability. As well as the electricity availability.  Continued with  the property access.  As well as traffic and other acoustic contributors.  Specific considerations for property fauna and wild life.  As well as other relevant attributes.  Perhaps distance to shopping and amenities may influence the design elements and attributes.
    2. Results from the above will initiate floor plan production.  As well as elevation plans of the house.  Including basic furniture layout and home attributes.  Which will encumber all attributes from the property inspection.  
  2. Demonstrate A Anti-Project Of The Property:

    1. In addition to the property studies.  Continuing will the coordinating for 1-meter topographies of the property.  However, the property may be flat and not necessary.  These topographies will guide us to laying out the house design.  Including any out buildings.  As well as pool layout and design.  Furthermore the property access, and preliminary landscape design proposal.  This proposal is in 2D.  With a ‘down view’ of your entire property.  Demostrating how our design utilizes usable space.  Resulting from all attributes from preliminary studies.  Included in the Anti-Project will also reveal the curb appeal.  Which special attention towards parameters security if necessary.  Perhaps a live fence on property line and so forth.  This will be sent to you for approval or revision.  
    2. Collectively from all staff and with a team effort.  As a result of all the studies.  Including an interview with the property owner.  The developed proposal of the entire property.  As well as the home floor plan with furniture placement.  Also including the house elevations showing the front view, rear view, and each side view.
  3. Geotechnical exploration and analysis:

    1. In particular, the geotechnical studies is a technical protocal for engineers. Which is not a Costa Rica requirement.  But it is highly recommended for the home structural security.  These are soil studies on the property for density and perforation.  Importantly we want to know what lays beneath the home.  Often vegetative soil is about 12” on the surface of the property.  Which should be scalped off where construction will take place.  Then we need to know the density of the stabilized soil.  In order to calculate footing size.  Which is calculated by the weight of the house distribution over the soil density.  Also we want to check soil up to 5 meters deep or to bedrock.  
    2. Perforation test tells us how quickly soil will absorb and drain water. We will design your storm water management based on these studies.  As well as septic leach beds if applicable.
  4. Drafting and design of blue prints:

    1. Following your approvals of our preliminary drawings.  Correspondably we will begin the task of detailed construction drawings.  This is a detailed drawing.  With all specifications and details of the design.  In addition the designer will show design concepts.  Including possible decorative ceilings layout.  As well as accent lighting and wall washing lighting.  Furthermore any out buildings and pool designs.  Which will be included as well.
    2. Included with the detailed construction drawings.  Accordingly are the: Architecturals, Elevations, Cross sections, Detail sectionals, Geographical.
  5. Electric and mechanical design and blue prints:

    1. Together with the detailed construction drawings.  Included are the engineering sections.  Which will be prepared by the perspective engineer.  Therefore, their name and CFIA license number will be included in the specific drawings.  In addition he will be responsible for the specific inspections.  Thereupon, these professionals exclusively work for Finish Touch Enterprises SRL as an employee.   Therefore, they are available for the work crews should an issue arise.  In addition the engineer may make frequent visits over and above inspections.  Furthermore the engineer is also responsible for relevant material purchases to insure correct sizing.
    2. Most importantly these engineers work together in a team effort.  Collectively with the interior decorator, myself, property owner and other professionals.  Which contributes to a professional design.  Uniquely decorated and proportionly balanced.  Including fucntionality.
  6. Rectification of property boundaries:

    1. Furthermore, Finish Touch Enterprises SRL will survey a property boundary. When we physically layout a house.  Because we usually establish the property boundary and measure from there.  Therefore we include surveying boundary and survey 1-meter topographies.  This will be a thorough evaluation of your property.  Which is included in the home designing service agreement.
  7. Construction budget:

    1. Resulting from the construction drawings.  There will be will a material take off.  Which will detail specific materials to be used to build your home.  In addition with this material list.  Accordingly we will calculate a labor schedule and cost to build your home.  This is a 15-page detailed document.  Which will also show you allowances for plumbing and electrical fixtures. In addition to allowances for flooring, cabinets, granites.  
    2. Furthermore, our budget will include details of construction schedules.  Which include monthly cost of construction.  There upon, you will have a clear and concise detailed performa of all construction materials.  Including all finishes.  As well as all schedules both timeline and financially.
  8. Approval proceedings before the Costa Rican Engineers and Architects Bar:

    1. Comparaively documents required to apply for the federal building permit. In general can be a complex process in itself.  Nonetheless, we take care of all document requirements.  Continueing we will send in the completed construction drawings for the CFIA approval process.  All permit cost is included in our agreement fees.  This process will not concern you.
    2. Documentation requirement will differ from different locations and property classification.  Which general include documents for the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Enviroment, Fire department, structural details, and more.
  9. Registration of professionals licensed with the CFIA for inspections:

    1. Firstly we hope that you decide to continue with Finish Touch Enterprises SRL.  In order to build your home.  However, you will have all your permits.  As well as construction drawings.  Including a detailed proforma showing all material quantities and unit prices.  Therefore, you may use these documents to compare prices from other builders.  Accordingly, you will have all the information required to recieve accurate quotations from established builders.
    2. Either way, Finish Touch Enterprises SRL will register with the CFIA as the responsible designer.  As well as the responsible engineers of this design.  Therefore we will be responsible for all inspections.  By law we will report in the Bitracula that the home is being constructed in compliance with the construction drawings.  These inspection fees are included in our agreement fees.  There is no further cost to you.
  10. Municipal approval process:

    1. Furthermore, we will submit the approved CFIA drawings to the municipality.  Which will be submitted to the Municipality engineering review board.  Therefore, the municipality will review that your construction proposal complies with all environmental laws and forestry maps.  In addition they will review the home layout.  To which complies with muni set back bi-laws.  In addition they will also review ministry of health clearance approvals.  Furthermore all municipal fees and permit cost are included in our agreement.
  11. INS insurance:

    1. Most importantly this is a mandatory insurance.  Which we better understand as a worker’s compensation insurance.  This must be paid or proof of payment at the municipality for them to release the permits.  Also is included in our agreement fees.
    2. This is a builder’s expense but is a part of the permit processes. Therefore, if you choose another builder.  Of course he will need to prove to you that he has valid insurance.  This is to your benefit.  Because this is a bit complicated.  For this reason I give more explaintion here. Method Of Building A House In Costa Rica

Fees and Cost for a designing service agreement:

To clarify that the Costa Rica government.  Correspondingly has created consumer and cooperative affairs guide lines.  Which they police these agencies.  Included are there arbitrary protocals.  If you feel you have been over charged or unfairly repesented.

To explain:

  • Colegio De AbogadosCosta Rica legal bar society
    • They set guide lines for legal fees.
    • There is arbitrary disipline proceeding if you have a complaint
  • Colegio De Contadorthis is the bar for accountants.
    • They will set guide lines for account fees
  • Colegio De Arquitectos and Ingeneiros Bar association for architects, engineers, and general contractors
    • The college of architects and engineers set the fee rate for the duties of the architect. This fee is based on % of construction value.  I will show an example of the federal building permit to the right.

Costa Rica Designing Services AgreementTo explain for you to undestand the chart below.  When speaking with a architect they may quote you a low price.  However compared to other quotes you may not know what is included.  Therefore, I am showing a physical application form.  Which demonstrates the % of fee for which an architect will charge.  Furthermore, I am demonstrating a chart below to calculate the % of fee based on a construction value of $200,000.

To explain you will require most of the items on the listed in this chart.  Which you need to ask your architect what his price includes.  To clarify at Finish Touch Enterprises SRL, we include everything on this chart.  In addition The Home Designing Service agreement fee includes the cost of the CFIA permit, The fee includes the cost of Municapality permit.  As well as the fee includes the cost of INS insurance.

Different from other designers.  It is believed we are the only company in Costa Rica to simplify this system.  Which include 100% of encumbrances.  Within my own studies, I have concluded my complete design fees are far less expensive than other architecture firms.

Home Designing Service fees of Finish Touch Enterprises SRL

To begin we create a Home Designing Service Agreement.  Thus between Finish Touch Enterprises SRL and the property.  Likewise the design fees include all services, equipment, tools, sub-trades.  Which may be required to complete the design project.  In addition, the fees include all cost of federal building permit, all cost of the municipal permit, and all cost of the mandatory insurance attached to the permits.

In conclusion, there is no addition cost or fees to the home owner.  On completion of this agreement, the property is in compliance to begin construction.  Furthermore, post permits the agreement includes all required inspections until project completion.  Therefore, as the designer, we continue our services to qualify construction completion.

Costa Rica Home Designing Agreement Fee: $25,000

Payment Schedule

  1. 40% ($10,000) - Project Stages 1 to 7
  2. 40% ($10,000) - Project Stages 8 to 11
  3. 20% ($5,000) - Permit Completion and Termination of Contract.

Why a flat fee:

  1. Makes it much easier for a fixed rate for you to budget and schedule.
  2. We have designed and built several homes in the 10 years. Which we have recorded the average hours spent from start to finish of a design.  I calculated my rates accordingly.
  3. The hours cover a principal preliminary home design with 2 revisions. Additional designs and revisions will be invoiced.  I am not strict on this rule, but for my own protection I do require a design boundary.
  4. My fees are below CFIA rates: we are taxed at Hacienda of Costa Rica for the full amount set by CFIA. We lower our fees because we structured our company for bulk building and bulk designing.  Very few companies compare.  We hope to set a precedent for other companies to follow.

You are ready to build your house



Rates of a architects fees.  Which are set by the CFIA. 
We have created a estimated value of a project of $200,000. 
We are showing Finish Touch Enterprises SRL architecture fees.

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