Casa Pharaoh

Luxury Home
4,30000 sq.ft.
4 Bedroom
3 Bath

Home Design

Casa Pharaoh got its name from the design influence of Piπ (3.14) and PhiΦ  (1:618).  These are the mathematical equations used to construct the famous pyramids.  Even before we knew Pi and Phi existed.  Discovered at a much later date and was found that these equations exist in all living life.  Sometimes referred to as definitive number as it represents all life.

This is why this design always receives a ‘wow’ response when first viewed.  We custom-designed the pool with similar elements from the house giving it cohesion to the home and expansion in size.  There are 2 master bedrooms, each of which is embellished in interior design.  The view from the second-floor bedroom, over the pool, and onto the landscape can be spectacular.

Lot requirement

Casa Pharaoh is ideal for an estate lot or agricultural lot.  The lot should be no less than 2,000 sq.m and have a 50-meter frontage.  Relatively flat with a view looking outback.  The entrance to this house should be grandeur and panoramic.