Build in Costa Rica

Casa Tranquility

Mountain Home
2 Bedroom
2 Bath
Breakfast nook pass through

House Design

This is a creative and functional design.  Strong structural elements, light in weight, ideal for mountain construction.  Low construction cost, and minimized labor cost.  You certainly receive the best bang for the buck with this home design.  Without sacrificing quality or comfort.  This affordable two-bedroom home has plenty of area for entertaining guests.  With convenient access to the terrace, kitchen, living room, and bathrooms.  There is a kitchen pass-through convenient for passing snacks and refreshments.

Lot requirement

The design does not take up a large footprint.  Therefore, it is very simple to construct this home on any size lot.  The design was particularly designed for steep-sloped lots.  Materials can be transported on mountain roads with ease.  Construction methods are simple and familiar to local tradesmen.  There are very few blocks, cement, and rebar.  The main structural elements are red iron I-beams, girts, and perlings.  The elements do not require a facade to be installed, thus minimizing labor costs.