Costa Rica Custom Builders: Design & Build the House you WANT

Costa Rica Custom Builders: Design & Build the House you WANT

When it comes to building high-quality homes for sale, working with Finish Touch Enterprises means that you’re working with the best Costa Rica Custom Builders.

Costa Rica Custom Builders: Our Team

We’re a team led by Michael Pechbrenner, a real estate professional with over 40 years of experience in the business.

As the leader of this successful company, Michael has built a solid team, with all members working outstandingly well as a single unit.

This includes our very own architect, and also our in-house interior designer, who just happens to be a US-college graduate.

And we also have our very own Costa Rica Construction crew!

Once we start a Costa Rica Houses for Sale project, we tackle the task at hand with the full team in an organized way, making us fully efficient, and ready to ALWAYS deliver projects on time.

Let’s add to that our very own full-service woodshop for all of your custom interior needs.

And, with an all-star team like ours, your high-quality home will also count on the perfect landscaping work, giving your new home the best curb appeal in the area.

Costa Rica Custom Builders: Our Services

Here’s a quick sum-up of our full services:

  • An architect will listen carefully to all the details about what is it that you really want in your brand new home, and he’ll design the custom house of your dreams based on your WANTS
  • Our in-house engineer will take care of all the details related to walls, the roof, footings, and the pool engineering
  • With our excavation equipment, we can do work such as lot access, road improvement, foundation excavation, backfilling, building platforms, and final grading
  • When it comes to our woodshop services, these include custom interiors and exteriors such as, but not limited to: home furniture, custom interior doors, entranceway doors, kitchen cabinets, pool furniture, and a very unique teak patio
  • Sculpted stone sinks
  • Polishing of granites
  • Direct distributors of Pentair, Jandy, and Hayward pool equipment
  • The only Costa Rica Custom Builders offering a glass bead pool plater finish

House Plans Costa Rica: Design

As we are a full architectural firm, we’re able to create completely customizable Costa Rica house plans for your real estate project.

We will sit down with you and study exactly what you WANT, not just what you need.

This way we can deliver back to you a home that will be like no others out there because it includes your particular style and spirit.

Costa Rica Custom Builders: Construction Details

When building Costa Rica Homes for Sale, there are certain construction details that you should pay attention to so that your property continues to grow in value with time.

Costa Rica Construction Details: Sunlight

Getting as much natural light inside the home is exactly what you want.

You want to experience the beautiful Costa Rican morning with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea!

And for that reason, our team of Costa Rica Custom Builders will set your main room window facing east, allowing the sun rays to bathe your entire bedroom.

And, we’ll also make sure to add windows on key areas that will bring as much natural clarity to your home as possible during the day.

Costa Rica Construction Details: Wind

Costa Rica is a wonderful country, but the coastal areas can get very hot at times, and that means always counting on an AC.

With that said, if we add windows facing the wind’s direction, we can also refresh the home in a natural way!

By working on these details, we’re not just making sure that you’re saving as much in electricity bills as possible, but we’re also helping you count on a sustainable home that the future generations will be proud of.

Costa Rica Construction Details: Neighbors

You also want to count on a home that will get you as much privacy as possible.

And that means adding the main windows away from the main windows of your neighbors.

This is a particular detail that will add the extra privacy you want. And it’s also an asset that will help your real estate property to continue to gain value trouble-free.

Other Costa Rica Construction details include:

  • Topographical limitations and benefits
  • The best location for terraces
  • Furniture placement vs electrical outlets
  • Location for home entertainment centers

Costa Rica Custom Builders: Property Types

Now let’s talk about Buying a House in Costa Rica, property types, and how Finish Touch Enterprises, the best Costa Rica Custom Builders, can help you design and build any type of residential property.

Personal Home & Investment Property

As a team of experienced Costa Rica Custom Builders; we are ready to create a unique family space for your and your loved ones.

You can also count on our team to build the kind of investment property that will generate profits all year round.

Before Building a Home in Costa Rica, here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you working with a set budget? or is it flexible?
  • How many family members?
  • Apart from the basic rooms, how many extra rooms you WANT?
  • What is the usage you’ll be giving to that extra room (s)?
  • Is it important to you to count on a full dining room?
  • What are the key home features you can’t live without?
  • The things you can actually do without?
  • What are the things you love and hate from the place where you currently live?
  • When are you planning to move?

By answering these questions, you’ll be ready to…

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Please fill out the info below, letting us know a contact method and time to reach out to you:

Thank you for considering Finish Touch Enterprise SRL, the top Costa Rica Custom Home Builders for your new residential project in the country!

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