How We Can Help You Design a House in Costa Rica

This is a service that you are going to require when you are ready to develop your property. This process may be confusing, frustrating, over whelming, and expensive. Architects in Costa Rica are lined up to take your money and promise the world. Only for you to find at a later date he does not provide full service and many attributes need to be sub-contracted by a stranger whom again expects payment. You will learn the fees do not include encumbrances like permit cost, muni cost, insurance cost, engineer cost, etc.

We here at Finish Touch Enterprises have structured ourselves to be full service. One phone call will get you all that is required and your designing phase will be an excitable pleasure that you will follow through out.

We have designated calendar dates for the different zones of Costa Rica. We recommend scheduling an appointment early to insure an organized and productive meeting. We will in advance notify you of which documents that we will require for your zone.

If you say yes to the following 4 questions, then we are waiting for your call

  • You have title to your property. Title holder will need to sign permissions for studies on the property, permits, etc
  • The property is in capacity for construction.The road to the property is in sufficient condition for material deliveries. If required; property uso suelo, environmental impact studies, water, electric, telephone, tv, to property line.
  • You have an idea of a home function and spirit. You will need to convey to the architect your ideas.
  • You are prepared to build within 12 months. Permits have a 12 month expire date.

We have posted a few blogs that may be of help to you. It is suggested that you read these to better prepare yourself and communicating with the architect. Our architect services begin with the contract which you will define exactly what you will be receiving from us. You will be amazed that our fees are about half of most architect firms. We have structured our company for bulk productivity, which saves you thousands of dollars.

Be Better Prepared

Contract and Fees.  This contract provides from conception to permits in hand and ready for building. There will be hundreds of hours by a team of professionals that will be working on your project personally. There’ll be site visits photographs taken studies on the property interviews with yourself and many discussions before ink hits the paper. It is our objective to deliver you the dream of owning a home in Costa Rica.

Finish Touch Enterprises fees will be a flat rate with a series of draws as your project advances. There will be no surprises and will include all encumbrances. This is providing that your developer has completed all requirements to bring your property to building stage.  This would include the municipal USO Suelo and environmental impact study’s (if your lot is in a zone that requires this) registration and servicing of the lot. If this has not been completed Finish Touch Enterprises is able to assist in acquiring these documents. A quotation will be provided to you based on what is required.

Fees for 2018 home designs.  Contact us for specific pricing

Homes of this size will have higher than standard finishes. Example; taller and wider doors, more granites, marble, and back lit onyx. Columns with bases and capitals, more accent lighting, feature walls, higher end plumbing and lighting features, ceiling fans, etc. And much more.

40% for project stages VIII to XI

Construction will begin after final stage is completed.

What is included:

    1. Preliminary studies of the property. Site visit.
    2. Geotechnical exploration and analysis of the property. Geologist solid samples
    3. Survey and mark property boundary’s
    4. Anti-project of the home design, placed on plot plan showing set backs, front, side, and rear elevations, tables of areas, architectural floor plan.
    5. Electrical and mechanical designs of; service entry of electric, water, low voltage, house wiring of receptacles, switches, lighting, ceiling fans, cable tv, telephone, security, intercom, storm water evacuation, potable water designs, black water evacuation, grey water evacuation. Air conditioning duct work and wiring, pool mechanicals and electrical details.
    6. Construction drawings certified by all professionals.
    7. Detailed construction budget and finishings allowances.
    8. Approval proceedings before the Colegio Federado De Y De Arquitectos De Costa Rica
    9. Approval proceedings before the Municipalidad of the jurisdiction of the property
    10. Construction insurance mandatory by INS

What’s not included:

  1. Infrastructure designs and permits to the property line.
  2. Installation of water or electric meters
  3. Environmental study’s that may be required for completing permits. This is different depending on where the property is located and how it is registered. Your developer most likely has taken care of this. But if not then it will be your responsibility to obtain these environmental approvals.
  4. Environmental applications that are required for home constructions larger than 500m2
  5. Mandatory weekly inspections of the constructions.

If you require any of these processes to be completed, Finish Touch Enterprises can assist you with our civil engineers. We will quote separately, depending on what is required.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]