If your dream is to own Homes for Sale in Costa Rica, Finish Touch Enterprises can be part of the full design and build process.

We can help you get direct warehouse prices by cutting the middle man.

This means that once you’ve acquired Homes for Sale in Costa Rica, we’ll be ready to take your house plans from an original, amazing architectural concept, to the most beautiful, affordable property.

And, if you actually don’t happen to own real estate in the country, we can help you become the owner of the right piece of Costa Rica land for sale.

Most likely this will be an extra Costa Rica property for sale that’s available from previous satisfied clients.

When you work with Finish Touch Enterprises, you get access to different home styles.

Including Spanish-style Homes for Sale in Costa Rica that come with American structure and engineering.

Plus, we can also design the most fascinating beach-style glass home. To be used as an investment property (vacation rental, Costa Rica Airbnb, or monthly rental) or as part of your Costa Rica retirement plan.

Homes for Sale in Costa Rica: Design and Build Staff

What’s great about working with a professional firm such as Finish Touch Enterprises is that we count on our own on-call staff for everything you can possibly think of.

And, we have also integrated an important set of outstanding values that we all follow and, are guided by.

Such core values are: Unity, Integrity, and dedication – We at Finish Touch are a solid unit. This means that we always stay late to help a teammate so that we can all go celebrate a professional victory together.

Design and Build Homes for Sale in Costa Rica Services

When you acquire Homes for Sale in Costa Rica and work with Finish Touch Enterprises to develop your Costa Rica real estate property, you basically get access to everything you’ll possibly need to build the sanctuary of your dreams in Pura Vida land, including, but not limited to:

  • Working with a company that offers FULL INSURANCE
  • We’re also fully licensed under the Colegio Federado De Arquitectos e Ingenieros De Costa Rica CC-08073
  • We count on our own Architect to design and pay regular revision visits to the Homes for Sale in Costa Rica we’re currently working on
  • An engineer is also part of our on-call staff. This allows us to deliver high-quality work for footings, roofs, walls, and pools, and always on time
  • We have also hired in-house interior decorator  and landscape professionals so that you can talk directly with the person that will be in charge of putting the right interior and exterior “spirits” to your fabulous property

In-House Equipment and Crews

  • Excavation equipment for Homes for Sale in Costa Rica services includes Pool excavation, Road improvement, Foundation excavation, Building platforms, Backfilling, Lot access, Final grading
  • We also count on our own on-call construction crews! This allows us to work faster, putting installations in place and setting everything up with outstanding results
  • Our team also includes in-house delivery trucks, so that we can always transport any type of products or resources from one place to another, without requiring the help of a third-party
  • How about our own woodshop service! Yes, with this solution, you can also create your own custom interior doors, home furniture, pool furniture, kitchen cabinets, entranceway doors, and a unique teak patio.

Our window distribution license is direct from the manufacture, and we build our own pools, which means that we completely cut down the middle man, and bring you a high-quality finished product for great prices that you won’t find anywhere else.

As a premium extra, our services also include polished granites, sculpted stone sinks, and a glass bead pool plaster finish (we’re the only contractor in the country with this service).

Homes for Sale in Costa Rica Key Elements

If getting Homes for Sale in Costa Rica to design and build your own property, these are the most crucial elements you should pay attention to:

  • The different topographical limitations and benefits associated with your Costa Rica lot
  • A big factor that we can’t forget about is the focal point. You need to make sure your windows are going to offer the right views
  • Considering also the focal points of your neighbors, so you can enjoy as much privacy as possible. The elevation is also an element associated with mutual privacy
  • Another top element is light. You want to verify which areas of your Homes for Sale in Costa Rica chosen design model is going to receive more direct sunlight, and which areas more shade
  • Let’s also not forget about custom windows and the best location for terraces
  • It’s also important to consider where furniture is going to be placed versus the present electrical switches and outlets in the property
  • Custom wall features

Building Homes for Sale in Costa Rica Benefits

To design and build Homes for Sale in Costa Rica not only means that you can get great value for your cash, but it also means that you can even become a permanent resident of the country.

And, if retiring in Costa Rica is exactly your goal, you’re definitely taking the right decision as this is a country that offers high-quality standards of living for foreign citizens, and for a fraction of the cost compared to the US, Canada, or Europe.

Another outstanding benefit of designing and building Homes for Sale in Costa Rica is that these are great investment properties with excellent ROI’s.

This means that you can design and build a dream home with Finish Touch, and then offer that property as a vacation rental at Costa Rica Airbnb.

If that’s the case, then we’ll make sure you get exactly the kind of home that will definitely outplay the other rentals in the area so that you can keep your income property always producing cash year-round.

Costa Rica also offers great home care services and the best-assisted living.

Plus, this is a country that has no army, invests in education, and is an overall safe and happy nation where you can build a property that will only continue to go up in price.

Homes for Sale in Costa Rica: Building Process

When you acquire Homes for Sale in Costa Rica, you want to be careful with the design and build process because this is a long-term investment, a great real estate asset.

And that means that for no reason you want to rush the design process.

Instead, you can work closely with the Finish Touch team to make sure everything is going according to your particular requirements and needs.

Plus, we help you put all the right permits together, which means that the legal part of owning Homes for Sale in Costa Rica is also easy when you let it all in the hands of the Finish Touch Enterprises team.

Create a Digital Binder

When working with Finish Touch, we encourage you to create your own home design “digital binder”.

Now, working with Finish Touch on the design and build process of your new Homes for Sale in Costa Rica model doesn’t mean that you can just sit and wait until everything is done and you get the keys to the property.

Instead, we at Finish Touch encourage you to follow the full process with us. And for that reason, we definitely recommend you get your own digital binder.

This is a folder in your computer where you’re going to be storing all the documents related to your new property.

If you want to take notes, and then easily transfer those from device to device, we recommend you to use Evernote.

This digital binder can contain anything you want, but we recommend you to store info related to the following:

  • Designs
  • Plumbing
  • Soil Studies
  • Expenses
  • Permits
  • Electrical Fixtures
  • Schedules

Purpose of Homes for Sale in Costa Rica

When you acquire Homes for Sale in Costa Rica, you need to have a purpose in mind.

Is this an investment property? Is it part of your retirement plan?

Maybe you want to build it to offer it as a monthly rental?

Or maybe you just want to build the vacation home of your dreams!

All of the above is essential to consider when crafting the perfect Homes for Sale in Costa Rica model.

And the reason is that any specific requirement can be translated to part of the overall final design of your property.

Here are a couple of examples:

Let’s say you want to buy land in Costa Rica to build your dream retirement palace, then you should think about a particular design that will perfectly fit your lifestyle needs.

Or, let’s say that you want to build your own Costa Rica Airbnb. Then, a vacation rental like this will need to include particular features such as 2 masters and 2 guest rooms.

This way, when two families are coming for a vacation together, as it’s often the case, everybody can sleep comfortably, and both families can have an equally great time.

And clients that are happy and leave satisfied are returning clients!

This means that by creating the perfect design, you’re already thinking with big value in mind.

Let’s also not forget about the personality factor!!

You want to give your property its own spirit, using designing and building attributes that go according to your particular likings.

For example, a classic finish with great curb appeal may be what you’re looking for.

Or maybe you want something with Columbian or Mediterranean architecture.

We can make it all happen, and it’s really up to you how your property will look once Finish Touch is done working on it.

Homes for Sale in Costa Rica Budget

Last but not least, you also want to count on a budget. In other words, you need to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend on designing and building your particular home model.

What’s great about Costa Rica is that building is much cheaper than in North America.

In fact, you won’t need to break the bank to come up with an outstanding property with unique finishes that will impress any visitor, and that will serve as a real estate asset that will continue to appreciate in value in a big way, long-term.

House Designs

Once you’re fully clear about all that must be done to take your Homes for Sale in Costa Rica project from zero to hero, we invite you to check out our different property models.

At Finish Touch we have a vast collection of Homes for Sale in Costa Rica that goes above 30 different models.


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