Investment Property Costa Rica

Investment Property Costa Rica: Build Profitable Vacation Rental

If you really want the perfect Investment Property Costa Rica asset, working with professional custom home builders Finish Touch Enterprises is the perfect option

Indeed, industry experts qualify Costa Rica as a great place to invest in land and for buying Costa Rica Homes for Sale.

The reason for this is because Costa Rica is a natural paradise.

And it also offers an excellent landscape when it comes to tax laws, and the overall legal structure for foreigners to own property in the country.

In fact, according to some recent studies, beachfront investment property Costa Rica is 80% foreign-owned.

Historically, this is a country that has attracted ex-pats looking for the best Homes for Sale in Costa Rica opportunities to retire here.

But younger buyers are popping up constantly because they see Costa Rica as a perfect opportunity to own land as a form of investment property in a country where appreciation is ongoing and steady.

Costa Rica Homes for Sale: Build a Home with Finish Touch

We are Costa Rica custom builders and can help you realize your dream of owning a piece of paradise by building a custom house in Costa Rica.

This is a list of all of our services:

  • Full architectural firm
  • Engineering services
  • In-house interior decoration US-graduate
  • Full excavation services and everything that has to do with Costa Rica construction
  • Polishing of granites
  • Stone sink sculpting
  • We are direct distributors of pool equipment
  • We are the only ones offering a glass bead pool plaster finish

Costa Rica Houses for Sale: Houses for the End-User and Investment Property

We’re a very skilled team, led by a professional with 40 years of experience. And we can really consider ourselves construction specialists.

And for that reason, we’re able to serve the needs of a different variety of home buyers.

From those coming to the country looking to start a new adventure to the ex-pat looking to retire to the smart developer looking for perfect investment property opportunity.

Luckily for all of these types of residential real estate buyers and others, Costa Rica is a country that offers the best for everybody and more.

Investment Property Costa Rica: Houses for the End-User

What is great about working with our company is that we have the perfect home design for any family out there.

And we go beyond that because we will customize every single room according to the WANTS and desires of each member of the family.

Are you building this as a second home, as a vacation home?

Then you can also let us know what are the features and amenities that you want to be included.

We truly specialize in making dreams come true!

And that means that our interior designer we’ll sit down with each member of the family and have a conversation about what is it that will keep them happy when they visit the vacation family home in Costa Rica.

Plus, we’ll do all the landscaping work as part of the final price.

That way when we deliver the door keys to you at the end of the project, you can be sure you will count on a property with an outstanding curb appeal that will continue to steadily grow in value with time.

Not only because it’s a fabulous custom home; but also because it’s part of one of the global real estate markets with the best growth.

On the other hand, if you’re moving to the country, and you want to build a home in Costa Rica because you want to retire to your little piece of paradise in Central America; then we can also custom-built the perfect sanctuary so you can have the best time outdoors and indoors, all the time.

What’s great about moving to a country like Costa Rica is that you have the jungle right in the backyard, and you have the supermarket right in front of you; so it’s really the best of both worlds combined.

Key Questions

Now here are some key questions that you probably would like to take the time and brainstorm about because they will help you figure out the real reasons why you want to build a house in Costa Rica:

  • What is the budget that you count on? Is that budget flexible?
  • How many people are part of your family?
  • How many rooms do you want to add to your new home in Costa Rica?
  • Apart from the rooms for all the family members, have you thought about what is the real usage for those extra rooms that you want?
  • Do counting with a full dining room is important to you?
  • What are those home features you really can’t live without?
  • The features you can actually remove from your list of priorities?
  • What is the stuff that you really love and hate from the place where you currently live?
  • Do you have a set day to move to Costa Rica?

Building Costa Rica Property as Investment

Needless to say, the coastline of Costa Rica is the ultimate investment property oasis

You can go and start searching for the perfect beachfront lot, then contact us, and then we can together start building a property that we are sure will pay for itself really fast by turning it into the top Costa Rica Airbnb vacation rental in the area.

Investment Property Costa Rica: Advantages

When it comes to owning Costa Rica investment property, these are the top advantages:

  • Excellent return on your investment or ROI for coastal vacation rentals
  • Extensively more privacy than whatever you can find onshore
  • You will get more for your dollar in Costa Rica than what you will get in the United States. Especially when you get to build your own home adding the features and amenities that will give you an edge over other vacation rental investors in the area)
  • When you build instead of buying second-hand, you also have the advantage that you can go after the perfect lot; that piece of land for sale in Costa Rica located on your favorite location. And then with the help of Finish Touch, you can build the home of your dreams

Buy Land for Sale in Costa Rica

When it comes to this fabulous country, everybody’s looking for the wow factor. And in Costa Rica that wow factor points to everything related to the natural beauty inside and around the lot or the piece of land for sale.

And when it comes to an investment property in Costa Rica we definitely recommend you to buy land located as near to the beach as possible because those are the properties with the top rental pool.

Now, if you’re reading this if you still have not acquired the perfect lot to build the most beautiful home for your family or as an investment property Costa Rica, we can help.

In fact, we have a great portfolio of amazing properties that belong to some of our exclusive associates. So if you need to buy land for sale in Costa Rica you can also give us a call or send us an email and we can start from there.

Costa Rica Home Builders: Our Offices

We know the gold mine when it comes to real estate in Costa Rica is the coast. So our offices are situated in the two most important coastal regions in the country: Guanacaste and the Southern Pacific.

Jaco Beach Office

Our first offices were open in Jaco, a booming beach town located 75 miles from the capital San Jose, and famous among the most renowned surfers from around the world.

From here we can basically serve the whole Central Southern Pacific, which goes from the Nicoya peninsula and all the way around the gulf of Nicoya extending all the way to the Panamanian border.

Playas del Coco Office

Our second offices are located in the northwest of the country, in Guanacaste, an area that’s definitely famous for its captivating shoreline and all of the extreme and fun activities visitors can practice year-round.

Both of these areas are fully developed in terms of investment property Costa Rica assets, and it will allow you to recover your money fast.

Contact our CEO

Speak to Michael Pechbrenner, an expert with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. Take this important first step, and request your FREE CONSULTATION now.

Investment Property Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

What’s great about this country is that foreigners can purchase investment property Costa Rica assets without a problem.

And to get started let us tell you that the process of acquiring real estate in this country is very similar to that of the US or Canada.

So if you already own property everything should go smoothly for you in terms of the paperwork involved.

Costa Rica Homes for Sale: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top FAQ’s related to investment property Costa Rica:

What are the rules to become a Costa Rica resident?

There are actually a few ways in which a foreign citizen can become a Costa Rican citizen.

For example, it can be due to :

  • Marriage
  • Due to having Tico kids
  • Also by demonstrating that the applicant counts with enough resources to become completely established in Costa Rica
  • And that those sources even allow the foreign citizen to open a business

What are the two recommended categories of residence citizenship?

  • Resident pensioner: this is a person that receives a permanent retirement income that is superior to $600 per month
  • Resident annuitant: this applies to any foreign citizen and age really doesn’t matter. To apply for this you must have a salary of $1,000 or superior to that on a monthly basis.

How can I verify the status of Land for Sale in Costa Rica?

Before you pay for any piece of Land for Sale in Costa Rica, it’s crucial for you to know what the current status of the land is.

And if you want to perform a title search what you need to do is look in the Folio Real.

This is a document that shows all the data related to the land, including:

  • The location
  • What the area is
  • Previous ownership
  • Any mortgages on the land
  • Current boundaries
  • Other applicable liens

It’s also very important that when you’re doing your search for a piece of Land for Sale in Costa Rica to know exactly what rights you’re getting over that land.

There are three options:

  • Ownership rights: This is the best of the three; it’s basically the equivalent of owning property in the United States or Canada
  • Occupation rights: This is the type of property you don’t want to mess with because it’s still not registered; the process to actually get that property under your name is very long and tedious.
  • Concession rights: It works just like a lease and it’s exclusive for beach areas

What are the most recommended land purchasing methods?

  • Direct transfer: this is where one or more individuals are allowed to buy property in their personal names
  • Corporation: you can buy a property using the existing corporation that owns it; or you can create a brand new corporation to buy the property

Incorporating in Costa Rica: Here at Finish Touch we definitely recommend you to buy land using a corporation. That way the transfer is easier. And also the overall structure will offer you the extra flexibility required for a number of different transactions.

What is Fee Simple?

When it comes to investment property in Costa Rica, this is the most common form of ownership in the country. The conditions are basically the same as those present in the United States and Canada.

This kind of ownership gives you the full right to use, sell, lease, and make improvements on investment property Costa Rica assets.

What are Maritime Zone Concessions?

In Costa Rica, just about 95% of what is beachfront property can be considered concession property.

That is the property that’s governed by the Maritime Zone Law and some other extra regulations imposed by the ICT or Costa Rica Tourism Board; and also by local municipalities around the country.

A concession basically works like a lease because it allows you to enjoy investment property Costa Rica situated inside the Maritime Zone for a given period of time.

So, how can we define where the Maritime Zone boundary begins and ends?

This is simple:

The Maritime Zone boundary it’s 200 meters measured horizontally from the high tide line.

And at the same time, this area is divided into two sub-areas:

Public area:

These are the first fifty meters measured horizontally from the high tide line.

This is the area that will never be available for sale as this is also a public area.

So consider this when acquiring Land for Sale in Costa Rica with direct access to the “private beach”

Because there are really not private beaches in the Maritime Zone.

Concession area:

The next 150 meters after those 50 meters, can actually be granted under concession.

And this is basically a lease that goes typically for about 20 years.

Now, when it comes to Fee Simple, a foreigner can own full property.

But when it comes to a concession property, a foreign citizen cannot be the majority owner.

In this case, the majority of foreigners looking for investment property Costa Rica assets usually partner up with a local citizen; where the foreigner owns 49 percent of the property, and 51 percent goes to the Tico.

But here’s the catch: if you have been in Costa Rica for 5 years or more than that, then yes, you can actually become the majority owner of a concession property.

Basic Investment Property Costa Rica Terminology

  • Folio Real: this is the unique number or ID of each and single real estate property
  • Transfer of Conveyance Deed (Traspaso): This is a document that indicates the real estate transfer; and it includes basic information for the buyer, the seller, and everything pertaining to the investment property itself
  • Public Notary: This is basically every lawyer in Costa Rica. And it’s basically a person that has a license to perform legal acts. And you actually need a public notary to purchase an investment property
  • Power of attorney (Poder): This is a document that says that a person is going to buy Costa Rica real estate properties on behalf of another person
  • Survey Plan (Cadastral Department): When you go about to acquired investment property Costa Rica a survey must be recorded at the public registry
  • Asset: This is your real estate property. In sum, this is anything that belongs to you that can generate you some kind of income
  • Debt or Leverage: This is the cash that you’re taking to invest in building a home in Costa Rica. It’s an instrument that’s used to acquire real estate assets
  • Equity: When someone says that they have 100% equity that means that they have 100% of the needed cash to acquire investment property Costa Rica. If they just have 20%, that means they need to look for leverage or debt of 80% in order to acquire such property

Investment Property Costa Rica: Airbnb Vacation Rental

When you allow us to build a house in Costa Rica for you, we can totally transform your idea into an investment property that will pay for itself easily within the first year of operation.

And by the second year, you will be making profits.

What is great about the idea of owning investment property Costa Rica as a rental home is that you can get your clients 99% from websites such as Airbnb, VRBO, and

And don’t be surprised if you actually end up turning people away because your vacation rental in Costa Rica is doing so well!

Airbnb Costa Rica: Building a Vacation Rental

We can help you build the perfect home that can be turned into a moneymaker.

When you let us work on your build a home in Costa Rica project, we can really deliver the custom model that will be perfect to accommodate the needs of your guests, allowing them to have a great time and to become recurrent visitors.

In fact, we already count on some perfect models that are designed to help you run a successful vacation rental business…

Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Hermosa
Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Hermosa

Building a Vacation Rental Home: Casa Hermosa

This is a five-bedroom, five-bathroom beautiful home design.

Each of the bedrooms counts with its jacuzzi tub, and its own entrance that leads to a spacious social area where the swimming pool, the barbecue area, and other amenities are located.

Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Mariko
Investment Property: Airbnb Costa Rica | Casa Mariko

Build a Vacation Rental House: Casa Mariko

Another outstanding option that you will love is Casa Mariko. This one comes with four bedrooms and six bathrooms.

This is also another fabulous home design to turn it into a vacation rental because it already comes with four master bedrooms.

And they all have their own bifold glass doors that lead to the back terrace where your guests will find a spacious social area that includes a refreshing swimming pool.

Airbnb Costa Rica Vacation Rental Tips

If you’re planning to move to Costa Rica and you want to save money, what you can do is to keep one of the bedrooms for yourself, and then rent the other four.

And then you will have a profitable business running during the full year, and you’re even saving money because you’re keeping an eye on everything yourself.

On the other hand, if you want to live away from the property, or if you still leave in the United States or Canada by the time you acquire this investment property, then you can also hire a management company to run this vacation rental for you.

You also need to figure out what your goals are about this rental investment property Costa Rica.

For example, if you’re living at the property, do you want to offset a portion of the total costs?

Or, if you’re living away, do you still hope this home can pay for itself by renting it?

Are you still not too clear about this, and you just want to invest in offshore real estate that will make you a great profit?

Marketing the Investment Property Costa Rica Rental

Marketing the property also requires time and consumes resources.

So you should think about how much time you really want to put into promoting your rental home at the different vacation rental sites.

You also need to think about how much you want to be involved in dealing with the different guests.

For example, responding to inquiries and complaints: do you want to take care of this yourself?

And let’s not forget about the part where you actually deal with the bookings for the property and other miscellaneous tasks.

Brainstorming about this will help you focus on what you want to do; and how to do it the right way to have success with your new rental business.

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