Beach House

Casa Linda

Tropical Beach House
2,000 sq.ft.
3 Bedroom
3 1/2 Bath

House Design

Nautical elements emerge in this design strategically.  Including port windows, teak trim, nautical railings, and radius doors.  For those with a fondness for the water.  This home is ideal for an ocean view lot or a beach lot with the sounds of waves and the scent of suntan lotion.  Opening the glass walls to the infinity pool and all hands on deck.

A circular driveway for entrance and exit provides the benefit of moving the house location closer to the front.  That directly increases the posterior social areas.  Second-floor bedrooms gain less footprint ground cover that again increases social areas.  In addition to providing great elevated views.  This design offers privacy from neighbors and front road, as well as acoustic values.

House Features

The recommended upgrade casita cabina turns this home into a resort oasis.  With views from the second-floor balconies.  BBQ area, pool area, indoor/outdoor living room area, sunny areas, and shaded areas.  There is plenty of space to be comfortable and enjoy your surroundings.  The kitchen is conveniently located in social areas.  Bedrooms are far enough away when you require tranquility and quiet.  This plan is very functional and would be a pleasure to live here.