Casa Vidro

Tropical Beach Home
2,200 sq.ft.
3 Bedroom
2 1/2 Bath
Outdoor kitchen

House Design

This home is a delight for the whole family.  This is a modern design with simplicity.  Open concept with high ceilings giving this home a grandeur atmosphere.  There are many passive cooling engineering designed in this home to keep the home cool and fresh without the need for air conditioning.

Socialize Features

Many separate areas to socialize, relax, and have fun.  Outdoor kitchen bbq area, pool area, games room, living room.  Service areas are in the back away from social areas. Each bedroom has access to the terrace pool area.  All rooms have a view.  Whether you’re entertaining or want quiet to enjoy a book, this home provides the space needed.

Passive Cooling
          • High ceilings
          • Large overhangs
          • Cross ventilation
          • Colors are white or off white to avoid heat absorption