Beach Home

Casa Playa

Tropical Beach Home
2,400 sq.ft.
3 Bedroom
2 1/2 Bath

House Design

Designed for the professional in mind.  The home boasts many attributes for executive lifestyle, elegance, with amenities.  The curb appeal of modern contemporary with class. Showing definitive strength and confidence.  Every room of this home is a conversational piece of art.  Each room and component is designed with Phi Φ.  On size and elevation.  Completed with a skilled interior designer for texture, and color which will be tailored to your specific appetence.

House Features

The right side of the home is complete privacy from the rest of the home.  Exclusive for the proprietor.  Which includes a large master suite, jacuzzi area with a view, large functional bathroom with makeup desk, and space for two.  There is a walk-in dressing room and a workstation for the home office.

Entering the home has a ‘wow’ factor with an open view through the home and exposing the terrace and pool area.  Accent lighting with landscape lighting and pool-colored lights resembles resort-style comfort and plenty of space for entertaining.  There is a 1m deep pool on the main floor level that encroaches into the house.  This works great for the kids in the day and adult fun at night.

The kitchen is large with built-in appliances.  There is a large island that incorporates a sitting area as well.  Designed for ‘get togethers’ with plenty of space for preparing and serving.

This home has abundant features.  Too many to mention here.  You may acquire further information.