Mountain Home

Casa Prevista

Modern Mountain Home
1,800 sq.ft.
3 Bedroom
2 1/2 Bath
Outdoor kitchen

House Design

Engineered in light structure materials.  Ideal for mountain homes where access is limited and difficult to get to.  Especially with large delivery vehicles.  Lightweight structure yet very durable from steel I-beams as a major structural element.  Much of the structural elements are also the finished product.  Again, this reduces transport cost, reduces weight, and reduces construction time.  Much of the facade is glass.  Most importantly, this home is stunning, functional, and modern design.

This home is designed to be anchored verticle and horizontal (dynamic, static, and x,y factor).  These are important engineering attributes when building on a steep-sloped lot or verticle build.

Social Areas

All rooms have their own balcony.  Opening the entire glass wall incorporating the indoor to the outdoor living.  This is principally shown in the living room area where two walls are completely open to the outdoor terrace.  An optional outdoor kitchen conveniently encompasses Costa Rica’s spectacular natural living.

Foundation Installation