Costa Rica Houses: Design & Build Homes with Finish Touch

If you’re searching for Costa Rica Houses for Sale, building a home is a fantastic alternative!

Don’t pay a lot of cash for a house that is someone else’s project.

Instead, allow Finish Touch Enterprises, top Costa Rica Homes Builders to help you create a custom residential real estate masterpiece.

By working with Finish Touch, you will find the perfect mix of outstanding value, great prices, and most of all, vast experience.

Costa Rica Houses: Our Builders Team

Go ahead and take the next step in designing a fabulous residential investment property with the help of Finish Touch Enterprises SRL.

Allow us to make your Costa Rica houses plans and turn them into the home you’ve always wanted for your family, or to be used as an Airbnb Costa Rica vacation rental.

We’re on a mission: to help you build a house in Costa Rica that will not just meet your standard needs. Our team goes beyond that by offering you what you actually WANT in a residential investment property.

We’re also the best at what we do. And that means that our crew works just with high-quality materials. But this doesn’t mean higher prices to you.

On the contrary, we’re famous for offering warehouse prices as we’re able to operate independently from any middlemen.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that we ALWAYS deliver our projects on time, no exceptions to this rule.

By the time you’re handed the door keys, you and your family will definitely feel completely happy with the final results.

Contact CEO Michael Pechbrenner

Please allow our crew of professional Costa Rica Houses Builders to create an outstanding, unique home design, and create the home of your dreams, all under your guided supervision.

We’re now inviting you to get in touch with CEO Michael Pechbrenner, so that you can discuss not just your needs, but most importantly, the WANTS related to Costa Rica Houses for Sale.

Michael is a real estate pro with over 40 years of experience under his belt. Allow him to provide you with a FREE consultation.

Costa Rica Houses for Sale: Design & Construction

Only a reputable architectural firm such as Finish Touch Enterprises is able to allow you to design and build a home in Costa Rica with total freedom.

We’ve carefully chosen all of our home design models, and we’re sure all of them will completely satisfy your needs.

With that said, what we do when building Costa Rica Houses is to focus on your actual WANTS.

On the specific things that will make your investment property in Costa Rica one that will definitely become a highlight in the area.

Costa Rica Construction Services

When building Costa Rica Houses, any mistakes can end up being very costly long-term.

For this reason, you should take control of your own Costa Rica construction project.

And the only way to do that is by working with a top, reliable company such as Finish Touch Enterprises.

So, with the house plans and the Costa Rica Land for Sale, all in place, the very next step is to start construction.

House orientation

Before we start building Costa Rica Houses for Sale, what we do first is to make sure we’re all agree on the proper house orientation.

This is because the physical position of the investment property is crucial.

Why? Well because you want to get as much sun inside the house as possible. And for this reason, you want your windows to face East.

Another key factor is the wind. You also want windows to be positioned according to the actual wind’s direction so as to allow as much fresh natural air as possible (saving you a ton in AC billing).

The orientation of Costa Rica Houses is also key because you want to avoid having your windows facing directly those of your neighbors.

By considering this element, you’re adding to the privacy factor of your investment property in Costa Rica. And this can definitely influence the value of your home in a positive way.

Landscaping and Interior Design

Let’s also not forget about our landscaping and interior design services!

Yes, Finish Touch counts with an in-house interior decorator. And this allows you to sit down and explain to us exactly how you want the interior of your home to look like.

And, we can also take care of the full landscape of the property, giving it the right curb appeal that will make your home in Costa Rica turn heads.

Best Materials

At Finish Touch Enterprises, we definitely believe that high-quality materials make all the difference.

And, you doubtlessly want to work with a contractor that offers you the best materials at the best possible prices.

Needless to say, this is the kind of services Finish Touch Enterprises can offer you.

If you’re wondering how is it that we can do this, the answer is simple: We don’t work with any intermediaries.

And that allows us to offer the lowest warehouse prices available in the Costa Rica Construction market.

Costa Rica Homes for Sale: Investment Property

A company like Finish Touch is perfect to help you build Costa Rica houses destined to help you make a profit.

Indeed, with our help, your offshore investment property project can really take up without consuming all of your resources or those of your business partners.

There are really hundreds of good reasons why you would like to venture into the overseas investment property market, particularly a booming one such as coastal Costa Rica Real Estate.

Maybe you want to build the perfect vacation home to spend time with your loves…

Or maybe you want to build Costa Rica houses with the purpose of renting them year-round on websites such as Airbnb,, or

Or it might just be the time for you to make a move and start enjoying the ex-pat life in paradise.

Maybe it’s a combination of any of these and other factors!

Well, the good news is that if you’re familiar with property investment in the United States, then you will already be very familiarized with what it takes to acquire Costa Rica Houses for sale, including designing and building them.

Now, there are also some questions you might want to brainstorm about before actually moving into the investing part of your Costa Rica house plans. Such questions include, but are not limited to:

  • Are you going to be living there?
  • Are you buying as an ex-pat?
  • Do you have a budget, or are you getting the money from someone else?
  • Are these going to be your retirement funds?

Indeed, take the time to answer these questions, and by the time you’re done, you’ll have a solid understanding of why investing in Costa Rica Real Estate is a fantastic idea.

Building a House in Costa Rica: Personal Home

Imagine being able to build a custom home in Costa Rica according to what you really WANT…

When you build Costa Rica Houses with the help of Finish Touch Enterprises SRL, you can really build according to what you truly WANT.

Once you’ve spoken with our CEO, and we know exactly what your exact WANTS are, we’ll customize the best of our models, according to your budget, so that you can end up with the best of homes.

Now, here are some questions you might want to brainstorm about:

  • What is the actual price range you’re considering?
  • How many family members?
  • Do you know how many bedrooms you want?
  • What is the use you’ll be giving to that spare room (s)? Maybe an office? your own man cave?
  • How much the dining room really matter to you?
  • What are the particular features your home can’t miss?
  • The stuff you can actually do without?
  • What is it that you love and hate about the current place where you live?

By taking the time to evaluate yourself with the above questions, you can definitely end up with a great understanding of the actual WANTS you want to specify to our group of expert Costa Rica Home Builders.

Airbnb Costa Rica: Building a Home for Vacation Rentals

Costa Rica is the perfect place to design and build houses with the purpose of turning them into Airbnb money makers.

And here are Finish Touch Enterprises we’re experts at offering our clients all the weapons they need so that their investment properties can really become profitable during the full year and not just during the high season.

In fact, we count on our own interior decorator, whose expertise will really come in handy when it comes to creating the right spaces that will turn your custom home into a Costa Rica Airbnb favorite.

Get ready for fantastic savings! Make the most out of your investment property dollars. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you familiar with today’s procedures for building a house in Costa Rica?
  • Do you count on a set budget?
  • What do you want in a home? What features?
  • Have you seen any properties that you liked?

If building a Costa Rica home for vacation rental purposes is what you want, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • How familiar are you with the current procedures related to building Costa Rica houses?
  • What is your set budget? Do you have one? Or will you be looking for external financing?
  • What are the kind of features you want in this home, internal and external?
  • Have you observed other properties you like, and that you would like us to emulate for you in your lot?

Contact Us

Now we invite you to check out our different Costa Rica home designs, reserve your favorite one, and let’s start your new Costa Rica houses project!

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