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Creating Stunning Pools

Creating Stunning Pools in Guanacaste: Our Pool Construction Process

In the verdant heart of Costa Rica lies Guanacaste, a province rich in beauty and diverse landscapes. The shimmering beaches and warm coastal waters of this region beckon residents and tourists alike.

In the middle of this paradise, Finish Touch Enterprises is leading the way in designing and building stunning pools that are more than just water basins, they’re masterpieces.

Founded in 2012 by Michael Pechbrenner, Finish Touch Enterprises rises above the traditional architecture firms in Costa Rica. Our distinguishing feature is our keen ability to truly resonate with our clients’ visions.

With a CEO boasting 40 years of experience in the architectural, building, and pool construction industry, we can confidently claim expertise like no other.

Our pools are constructed to not only dazzle the eye but to last a lifetime. Utilizing top-tier materials, fortifiers, and enhancers, we ensure the results are nothing short of superior.

Let’s dive into our detailed pool construction process.

The construction process of 7 steps for your dream pool

The construction process of 7 steps for your dream pool

Professional Design:

Before laying a single brick, our team of professionals undertakes an exhaustive design process. The design integrates contemporary architectural principles, aesthetics, functionality, and mechanical engineering. This encompasses the air circulation of water, equipment sizing, and plumbing location and sizing.


The journey begins with the main structural element – the base. Considering the substantial weight of pools, especially when filled with water, a meticulously detailed substrate base is fundamental to prevent cracks and leaks.

Floor Placement:

Following the base is the pool floor. As a pivotal structural element, it necessitates top-grade cement. This is modified with a waterproof additive and blended with fine sand, ensuring durability and longevity.

Wall Construction:

Next, we install walls using solid concrete blocks and columns, strongly reinforced and filled with heavy concrete. With the reinforcement of the top tie beam, the main structure of the pool is complete.

Finishing Elements:

We then move on to the finishing touches. The pool’s drains, returns, and skimmers are strategically positioned to ensure optimal cleanliness and functionality.


To ensure longevity, both sides of the walls undergo waterproofing. The exterior is sealed with a liquid sealant similar to those used for basements in North America. Meanwhile, the pool’s interior is waterproofed with a specially designed cementitious material.

The Final Touches:

As your pool starts to come to life, it’s time to introduce the water. But before that, all electrical and plumbing connections are installed and equipment is connected. We then backfill the exterior of the pool, set up the decking, finalize your chosen deck surface, and install the plaster or tile. Once this is complete, your pool is immediately filled with water.

At Finish Touch Enterprises, we believe in turning dreams into reality. Our meticulous construction process ensures that each pool is a testament to our dedication to quality, beauty, and functionality.

Contact us and dive into a world of luxury with pools that are not just built, but crafted. Welcome to Guanacaste’s premium pool experience.